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An Electron-based desktop application for Twitter Ads Analytics API.


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Twitter Ads API Analytics Debugger

An Electron-based desktop application for Twitter Ads Analytics API.



Supported platforms

  • macOS
  • Windows


Please download the latest version from the releases page.
This application is built as a single executable file so there are no "install" steps at all.


Please configure your OAuth 1.0a tokens by clicking the top-right button.
Need a way to generate tokens easily? Try this tool - tw-oob-oauth-cli.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 14 59 12

This app stores token to the system's credential storage (i.e., Keychain for macOS and Credential Vault for Windows).



  • Node.js version 12+

npm install

$ git clone
$ cd ./twitter-ads-api-analytics-debugger
$ npm install

You probably need to run the following command after npm install as this app uses some native modules:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild

launch App

From the source directory:

$ npx electron .

You can also specify --dev option when launching. This will enable live-reloading (using electron-reload).

$ npx electron . --dev

build package

If you need to build locally, try the following commands.

# macOS
$ npm run build:mac

# Windows
$ npm run build:win

# built packages are in the dist directory
$ ls ./dist