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First day on GitHub

Introduction to GitHub

Get started using GitHub in less than an hour.

Communicate using Markdown

Organize ideas and collaborate using Markdown, a lightweight language for text formatting.

GitHub Pages

Create a site or blog from your GitHub repositories with GitHub Pages.

First week on GitHub

Review pull requests

Collaborate and work together on GitHub.

Resolve merge conflicts

Learn why conflicts happen and how to resolve them.

Release-based workflow

Practice a release-based workflow and explore branching strategies.

Connect the dots

Find relevant conversations, commits, and projects in a repository.

Code with Codespaces

Develop code using GitHub Codespaces and Visual Studio Code.

Code with Copilot

Develop with AI-powered code suggestions using GitHub Copilot, Codespaces, and VS Code.

Automate workflows with GitHub Actions

Hello GitHub Actions

Create a GitHub Action and use it in a workflow.

Test with Actions

Create workflows that enable you to use Continuous Integration (CI) for your projects.

Publish packages

Use GitHub Actions to publish your project to a Docker image.

Deploy to Azure

Create a deployment workflow using GitHub Actions and Microsoft Azure.

Write JavaScript actions

Write your own GitHub JavaScript Action.

Reusable workflows

Make a workflow reusable in other workflows.

Code security and analysis

Secure your repository supply chain

Secure your supply chain, patch dependency vulnerabilities.

Secure code game

Learn about software security in a fun, educational environment.

Introduction to CodeQL

Learn how to enable CodeQL to secure your code.

Change commit history

A skills course on changing the commit history with Git.

Introduction to secret scanning

Enable secret scanning and take a feature tour.

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