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GitHub DevOps

The unified platform for your DevOps lifecycle

Build, scale, and deliver more secure software with GitHub's unified AI-powered developer platform.

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Keep developers in the flow with automation, AI, collaboration tools, and more.

Increase collaboration

Tools you need in a single platform to facilitate collaboration among teams, making it easy for developers to work together on projects.

Eliminate barriers

Harness the power of the AI-powered coding assistant to empower developer creativity and innovation in coding projects.

Reduce context switching

Boost productivity by utilizing the single, integrated developer platform with powerful native tools to minimize context switching.

Drive innovation with AI-powered developer tools

AI-driven code suggestions enhances job satisfaction and focus for 60-75% of developers, reducing frustration and enabling more rewarding work.

Copilot making a code suggestion

Automation that keeps you in the flow

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DevOps automation that keeps developers in the flow. Speed up software delivery by automating processes like CI/CD.

  • GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate software delivery processes. Developers can create workflows to automatically build, test, and deploy their software.
  • Workflows are pre-defined sets of steps used to automate a specific process or task.
  • GitHub Actions Marketplace allows developers to leverage more than 20K+ existing components to create automations quickly.
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Built-in security

Manage the SDLC with automated security tools. Find and fix vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently with security checks integrated into every step of the developer's workflow.

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Streamline team collaboration

Help developers and operations teams more regularly communicate and provide feedback about timelines and goals so everyone is responsible for the project’s success.

The availability of out-of-the-box integrations with our existing tooling is a big part of GitHub’s appeal. GitHub really helps bring DevOps to life.
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DevOps strategies, amplified by GitHub tools

Trusted by 90% of the Fortune 100, GitHub helps millions of developers and companies collaborate, build, and deliver faster. And with thousands of DevOps integrations, developers can build smarter with the tools they know from day one—or discover new ones.

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