Keeping Our Users Safe

We regularly assess our platform and share our findings about the health of our communities, our ongoing efforts to foster safe interactions, and insights into how we enforce our policies.

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Reddit's Content Moderation Model

Our unique, multi-layered approach to moderation harnesses the power of community and includes tools, systems, and teams to ensure that Reddit remains a welcoming and real platform.

Community Voting


Reddit users have skin in the game and share some responsibility for how our platform works.

Everyone has the ability to upvote or downvote content, bringing quality content to the top and reducing the visibility of low-quality content.

Redditors report harmful and problematic content to help keep Reddit safe.

Community Moderation

Volunteer Moderators

Volunteer community moderators create and enforce rules that are tailored to their community’s unique and often highly specific needs.

Moderators take important actions to remove content manually and with the assistance of tools created specifically for them by Reddit.

Platform Moderation

Reddit, Inc.

Reddit has several teams dedicated to enforcing our sitewide Content Policy and keeping Reddit safe.

These efforts are done through a combination of automated tooling and human review to detect and remove violating content.

Our Trust Pillars

Our Trust pillars are the foundation of Reddit's platform. We create rules, build tooling, and develop structures that empower and protect our communities, users, and moderators.


We focus on mitigating and defending against potential threats to Reddit and continue to scale up our proactive detection capabilities to ensure our users are protected and safe.


At Reddit, we believe that privacy is a right. We empower users to be masters of their identity and their data, and are committed to creating an environment where people are informed and in control.


We prioritize the well-being and health of our communities and platform. In addition to our passionate users and mods, we have dedicated teams that use automated tools and human review to proactively enforce, detect, and remove content that violates our policies.


We are committed to being open with our users and the world about what we do on the platform and why. That is why we release biannual Transparency Reports and update our community quarterly on our Safety & Security efforts, including in r/redditsecurity.