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Learn about a news publisher

When you search for a news publisher, information to help you understand their credibility and the quality of their content will show up in the Knowledge Panel.

What info shows up

Google uses an algorithm to show information about publishers. Depending on the amount and quality of information available, you may see these tabs:

  • Writes about: Topics that are frequently covered by the publisher.
  • Awards: Notable awards that the publisher has received.
  • Reviewed claims: This shows up when a significant amount of a publisher’s recent content has been reviewed by an authoritative fact-checker.

Note: The appearance of a Knowledge Panel for a publisher does not affect ranking of pages from that publisher in Google Search results. Publishers cannot opt-out from having a Knowledge Panel.

Send feedback about a Knowledge Panel

To send feedback about a Knowledge Panel, tap or click Feedback? below it.


How can a publisher add information to a Knowledge Panel?

Like search results, many factors go into what’s shown in the Knowledge Panel. Publishers that consistently create fresh, news-related online content can improve their chances of having a Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Panels do not impact a publisher’s ranking in Search.

How can a publisher resolve Reviewed Claims they disagree with?

Reviewed Claims are made by publishers that fact check other publishers using the Fact Check markup and have been algorithmically determined to be authoritative. If a publisher believes a reviewed claim is incorrect, Google recommends they contact the fact-checker that wrote the review. Publishers can also use the feedback link in the Knowledge Panel to report claims they believe are inaccurate.

Are you only showing the Reviewed Claims tab for publishers that have accuracy issues?

No, the tab simply indicates that a publisher is writing about topics that attract the attention of third-party fact-checking. A publisher could consistently be fact-checked by third-parties as accurate and have the Reviewed Claims tab appear in their Knowledge Panel.

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