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Reliable results on Search

When you search, Google tries to find the most helpful and reliable information available. However, sometimes our systems can’t find much information that seems reliable and matches the words in a search. When our systems find fewer indicators of reliable results, you might get a message at the top of search results that says “It looks like there aren’t many great results for this search.”

Below this message, you may find some high-quality sources but there might be fewer sources than our systems usually find, or they might not have much information about the topic. You can review the available results and try further searches or research to find reliable information.

What makes a search result reliable?

Google uses many different factors from across the web to determine the quality of content. For example, if other prominent sites link or refer to the content, it suggests that the source may be reliable.

Our search quality rating program collects feedback from real people all around the world. It helps our systems recognize pages that demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Find higher quality search results

You can try these tricks to improve the quality of results you find with Google Search.

Try generic search terms

If a search is too specific, there may be fewer sources with published information using those words. Try to use more general words to search more broadly about the topic.

Check back later

If a topic is new or rapidly changing, it can take more time for reliable sources to publish information.

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