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You can use punctuation in your searches to filter the results you see in Trends.

Search term Type of results you see
tennis shoes

Results can include searches containing both tennis and shoes in any order. Results can also include searches like "red tennis shoes," "funny shoes for tennis," or "tennis without shoes."

No misspellings, spelling variations, synonyms, plural, or singular versions of your terms are included.

"tennis shoes" Results include the exact phrase inside double quotation marks, possibly with words before or after, like "red tennis shoes."
tennis + squash Results can include searches containing the words "tennis" OR "squash."
tennis -shoes Results include searches containing the word "tennis," but exclude searches with the word "shoes."
tennis - shoes The hyphen (-) is ignored and the results are treated in the same way as the first example: tennis shoes.
center + centre + centere Results include alternative spellings like “centre” or “centere,” and common misspellings like "centere." Trends considers each version of a word a different search, including misspellings.
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