Get started with the Google Trends dataset

You can access anonymized, indexed, normalized, and aggregated Google Trends data with BigQuery.

The BigQuery dataset from Google Cloud Marketplace displays the Top 25 overall or Top 25 Rising queries from Google Trends from the past 30 days.

BigQuery’s free tier offers up to 1 TB/month in SQL queries and up to 10 GB/month in storage without charge. SQL queries above these thresholds are subject to regular BigQuery pricing.

Tip: To access BigQuery without a Google Cloud account or credit card information, use the BigQuery sandbox.

Explore Google Trends datasets with BigQuery

To explore these public dataset tables, query the top 25 stories and top 25 Rising tables from the BigQuery SQL UI.

To minimize the data scanned and processed, utilize the partition filter in your query:

SELECT * FROM `bigquery-public-data.google_trends.top_terms`


Alternatively, you can explore Google Trends with other Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Looker, Data Studio, or with solutions from our partners.

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