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When you search for a term in Google Trends, you see a map showing areas where your term is popular. Darker shades indicate where your term has a higher probability of being searched.

If you compare search terms, you see a map of the world shaded according to the term’s popularity. The color intensity represents the percentage of searches for the leading search term in a particular region. Search term popularity is relative to the total number of Google searches performed at a specific time, in a specific location.

Get more information about a region

Hover over a region to get more details on search volume in a region. To the right of the map, you also see a list of regions or cities ranked according to the term’s popularity.


Metros are geographical areas that generally correspond to metropolitan areas. Currently, Google Trends only provides metros for some countries.

To view a metro, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Trends.
  2. Enter a search term, like “android.”
  3. In the Regional interest section, click the United States on the map.
  4. Click a state on the map.
  5. Click a metro area on the map.

If a region on the map isn’t highlighted, it doesn’t mean there's no interest. Google Trends data is adjusted, so the term may be used in that region, but it’s more popular in other regions.

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