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How to encourage more original content (OC)

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What makes a subreddit, is not just the people in it, but the things they have to say and what they share with others. That’s why it can be frustrating to go days or weeks without anyone posting original content to your community. Fret not–here are a couple of tried-and-true tips to help you spur content creators into action.

🖼 1. Post your own content to your community at least 1x weekly

Gathering in a subreddit where no one has posted content in a long time, is sort of like standing around at a pool with your friends, waiting for someone brave to jump in first. Once one person jumps in, more feel confident enough to do so too! If you are the first to jump in and post content every week, your subscribers will feel more comfortable and inspired to share content themselves.

📝 2. Activate themed prompts or challenges

Introduce themed prompts or challenges to inspire your subscribers. A weekly creative prompt can provide a needed structure that gives members a starting point for posting content. A call to action for members to take a picture and share a pic that fits your challenge, makes them feel like their content is wanted. You could try encouraging different content formats for each of your challenges. Maybe one week you challenge everyone to post a GIF. Maybe the next week, you challenge everyone to share their favorite meme.

🔔 3. Turn your notifications on & comment on every post

It’s important to comment on every post that is made in your community. By acknowledging your existing content creators, you make them feel welcome and they will be more likely to post again in the future! And wouldn’t you know it–there is a handy-dandy notification setting that alerts you to new posts in your community. 

To activate this setting via mobile go to Mod Tools > Mod Notifications > Activity > New Posts > Turn to On

📝 4. Ask others to post in your community

Sometimes people ARE posting content that would fit in your community…but they are posting it in other communities. They may not know your community exists and it’s up to you to tell them. Using the Reddit search bar, search for your subreddit’s topic, and filter in on posts made in the last month. From this view, you will be able to see recent posts people have made to other communities that may fit yours as well! If you see a great post, you can kindly comment on that post and ask the user to repost it in your community too! People love feeling like you enjoy what they posted. 

You can try saying:

“I love this post and think it would be just perfect in my community r/subreddit. Would you mind posting it there too? Thank you!”

If your community is kind of like a ghost town and severely lacking original content, these methods will surely go a long way in making everyone in your community feel confident enough to take the leap and post their content for everyone to enjoy. 

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