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2 minute guide to launch

New Mods
Did you know that every single community on Reddit started from the same place that you are now? With a party of 1 subscriber. 

As a new subreddit moderator, you may be feeling quite lonely seeing yourself as the only attendee in your new sparkly community. Don’t fret - it won’t be that way forever if you follow this two-minute quickstart guide to gaining subscribers. Here are three things you should do first, to grow your community. 

✍️ 1. Fill your community with at least 10 posts

Visitors need an idea of what they can expect from your subreddit if they join. Filling your community with posts will help visitors understand why they should subscribe and what type of content to post. Make sure your community is filled with content before you start asking others to join.

📝 2. Compile a list of communities that are related to your community.

It’s brainstorming time! Get out a pen and paper and write down a list of communities that are related to your community. Think of them as your allies. What other communities host subscribers, that might be interested in your community as well? 

For example, r/beginnerwoodworking and r/woodworking would be considered related communities. As would r/books and r/rarebooks

Try searching for your topic in the Reddit search bar, and note which communities are already talking about your topic.

👋 3. Ask moderators of those communities if you can advertise in their community.

Send a friendly ModMail message to the moderators in the list you created. In this message you can explain that you started a new community and you think subscribers in their community might be interested in yours. Be sure to tell them what your subreddit is about in one sentence. Then, ask if they would be okay with you making a post about your community in their community, or if they would feature you as a Related Community in their sidebar. Be sure to keep it friendly and take any rejection lightly.

Need more guidance? Try a message like this:

Hi there,

I am a new moderator and I recently started [r/subreddit]! It’s a community for people to discuss and post about [your topic]. I think users in your community might be interested in it as well. Would it be okay if I made a post in your community, advertising my new community? Or, would you be willing to feature me in your sidebar as a Related Community?

Thank you!

So there you have it - a quick start guide to getting your new community out there in front of audiences who are most likely to be interested in joining your community.

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