Strengthening the cybersecurity workforce to help build a safer world for all.

Global cyberattacks rose by 38% last year, placing critical infrastructure at greater risk, while the U.S. struggles with 650,000 unfilled cybersecurity roles. We're helping build a robust cyber workforce by enabling careers in cybersecurity, regardless of background or experience. We can empower the future cyber workforce by sharing our expertise, expanding career pathways, and forming strong industry partnerships to help protect critical infrastructure through nationwide initiatives.

Google Cybersecurity Certificate

Carter Spear, Google Career Certificate graduate

Sharing our expertise to strengthen the cybersecurity workforce

Built and taught by cybersecurity experts at Google, our Google Cybersecurity Certificate will provide people with the in-demand skills needed for entry-level cybersecurity jobs. This online training program requires no prior experience and can be completed in under 6 months. Upon completion, Certificate graduates can connect with over 150 employers in our Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium.

Google Cyber Clinics Fund Cyber Clinics

Creating new pathways to gain practical cybersecurity experience in collaboration with the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics, will grant university and community college-based cybersecurity clinics awards of up to $1M through an open call, helping thousands of students pursue careers in the high-demand field of cybersecurity while providing them real world experience safeguarding critical U.S. infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, and energy grids.

Cybersecurity Research Program

Cyber NYC Ideation Workshop

Advanced cybersecurity research and training program

Google, in collaboration with four leading New York City universities, launched a multi-year research program to support scientific advances in cybersecurity. The program will select 30 research projects annually, with a focus on raising standards of online privacy, safety, and security. The program will also support growing advanced cybersecurity training efforts that champion the inclusion of underrepresented groups in cybersecurity.

Uniting for a safer tomorrow.

Transforming the cybersecurity workforce will not happen overnight, but through ongoing efforts across public, private and government sectors. Google, in partnership with the leading cybersecurity community organizations, commits to building a robust, more inclusive cyber workforce. One where anyone who is interested in the field can access knowledge, build their skills, feel they belong and expand their professional network. Learn more from our partners.

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