The Follow button is a small button displayed on your websites to help users easily follow a Twitter account. A Follow button consists of two parts: a link to a follow web intent page on Twitter.com and the Twitter for Websites JavaScript to transform the link into our recognizable Follow button.


How to add a Follow button to your website

The publish.twitter.com website includes a simple tool to generate the embed for a Follow button to copy-and-paste into your website template. Just enter a @screenName to get started.


1. Create an anchor element with a twitter-follow-button class name. Set the href attribute value pointing to a Twitter profile URL.

      <a class="twitter-follow-button"
Follow @TwitterDev</a>

2. Customize Follow button parameters using data-* attributes.

      <a class="twitter-follow-button"
Follow @TwitterDev</a>

3. Asynchronously load the Twitter for Websites JavaScript using our loading snippet. The script will initialize the Follow button after your page content loads.

Button customization

Hide username

Hide the username from the displayed Follow button by setting a data-show-screen-name attribute value of false.


Show screen name false

Large button style

Add a data-size attribute value of large to display a larger Follow button.