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Streaming Services

Sony Wanted to Sell Off Pluto TV, CBS, MTV, & Paramount+ If It Bought Paramount (obviously...)
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Welcome to r/MediaMergers, your one stop shop to talk about mergers and acquisitions in the media industry, and to predict potential merger scenarios too. This subreddit is part of the Future Media Reddit Network.

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Greg Weisman Discusses Pitching S3 To Netflix, Creation Of The DC Universe App, Dealing With HBO Max
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Why can't people just be whelmed? This subreddit is for discussion, news and fan content related to the animated series 'Young Justice'. Only on HBOMax. No relation to the comic of the same name (except for limited run tie-ins, which are no longer published)

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Greg Weisman Discusses Pitching S3 To Netflix, Creation Of The DC Universe App, Dealing With HBO Max

"Sam called me and said hey we think there's a window of opportunity here we'd like to bring YJ back and I think for Sam literally, part of the appeal was he wanted to see if he could do it. Can we take a show that's been off the air for 5 years and bring it back.

So we actually went to Netflix to pitch season three to them, and an interesting thing happened at that meeting. We were pitching to two Netflix executives, one who was more creative and one who was more of the business guy right. So the business guy had a laptop, and we're all the Warner Brothers people including me, even though I didn't work at Warner Brothers at the time, are sitting on one side of the table, and the two Netflix executives are sitting on the other side of the table, and the business guy has a laptop, and every time I'd shift in my seat he'd like move the laptop like he was afraid that that I was peeking somehow. I couldn't see it right you know, I was facing him, and I'm across from him I can't see anything, but he was very paranoid about us seeing the numbers from Netflix it got to the point that cuz I'm a son of a bitch, it got to the point that during the meeting I started to go like this, just to see how he'd react, and at one point in the meeting he goes "well look I'm looking at the numbers here and the numbers for season 1 are fantastic, but the numbers for season 2 are are just okay, so maybe the show's run its course. Maybe there shouldn't be a season 3".

And I said wait you guys are only airing season 1, you can't have any numbers for season 2, you're not showing it yet like they were planning to but they hadn't released season 2 yet, so I'm like, where are you getting any numbers for season 2? And then the creative guy leans over he's sitting next to the business guy, he leans over and looks at the guy's laptop, and he goes "you're looking at Brazil." So he wasn't looking at numbers for the US, he was looking at numbers for Brazil, where they I guess were showing both season 1 and season 2. So he you know, does some magic with his keyboard, and clearly he then is now looking at the domestic numbers, and I want to play poker with this guy someday because his eyes go wide and then he slams the laptop down he goes, "yeah those numbers are respectable, they're respectable."

And that had an interesting result. See Sam saw that, so we had thought it was doing well on Netflix, but we didn't know because Netflix does not share those numbers with anybody, but what that told Sam was it wasn't just doing well, it was doing phenomenally well. So instead of selling it to Netflix they decided to create an entire streaming service of their own which was called DC Universe Universe and build it around Young Justice and the Young Justice fans.

So they built this streaming service and the streaming service got very excited about everything other than Young Justice because Young Justice it was inherited, but they started the live action Titans show they had. eventually well they had Doom Patrol, they had Swamp Thing, they had Harley Harley Quinn. And they were very excited about all those shows, and they're like oh yeah and we've got Young Justice right. Now really it was our fans that were bringing everyone to the streaming service in the first place, and I'm not knocking those other shows, but it was really annoying to us that we were the whole reason the service existed, and we were always treated like "yeah yeah and there's Young Justice" you know she's of Young Justice uh and then we wound up doing phenomenally well um so I think even reluctantly DC Universe picked up a fourth season of Young Justice.

And then DC Universe went away because HBO Max came in right, and then we got shuttled over to HBO Max for season 4, but we were already halfway done with it .So the good news was the HBO Max people said "hey you guys know what you're doing we're going to leave you alone you you're not going to get any notes from us", which is great the flip side of that was they also didn't really care about us because they were really interested in the shows that they were greenlighting and they were creating. So again like we were at DC Universe, it was like yeah we've got this and we got that we got the other thing, oh and we've got the four seasons, and by the time we were done it was like oh there are 98 episodes. And you know we weren't canceled they just didn't pick us up for a fifth season, and I I don't think it's impossible that we might come back, it took five years between season 2 and season 3, so maybe in five years they'll be a season five but uh um they don't seem interested right at the moment."

I hate streaming services...
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A subreddit to discuss the DC superhero-team, The (Teen) Titans. Discussion, cosplay images, fan art, fan fiction, tattoos, theories, and videos are welcome! Hate of any kind is not allowed here! Titans Go!

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I hate streaming services...

(I'm not from North America)

tbh the only reason I got Amazon Prime was to get a Warner subscription and rewatch Cartoon Network's old shows (Teen Titans was my favourite show growing up).

a few weeks ago, I received an email telling me that my Warner subscription is going to become MAX. I was fine with it as long as it remained the same.

I tried rewatching the show today and now it's telling me I have to subscribe to "Adult Swim + Warner TV Next" to watch Teen Titans????

I had access to it before the subscription became MAX and according to the Amazon's customer service, MAX is basically Warner so what's Warner TV Next then?? I'm so mad...

Apes Don't Forget: Amazon Prime Day Starts Tomorrow! So make sure you do ALL of your online shopping at GameStop instead!
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A place for theoretical discussions about GameStop stock ($GME). Opinions and memes welcome. Suspected crypto coin scams such as the "Superstonk" coin and "DumbMoney" crypto coin (with the symbol "$GME") have nothing to do with GameStop stock. None of this is financial advice.

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Apes Don't Forget: Amazon Prime Day Starts Tomorrow! So make sure you do ALL of your online shopping at GameStop instead!
r/Superstonk - Apes Don't Forget: Amazon Prime Day Starts Tomorrow! So make sure you do ALL of your online shopping at GameStop instead!

What are your favorite jams available on streaming services
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Goose is Rick Mitarotonda [vocals, guitar], Peter Anspach [vocals, keys, guitar], Trevor Weekz [bass], Jeff Arevalo [vocals, percussion, drums] and Cotter Ellis [drums]. Known for their exuberant grooves and incendiary bursts of musical exploration, their newest EP - Ted Tapes 2024 - was released in February.

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What are your favorite jams available on streaming services

No Nugs or YouTube, just songs available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music from their official releases

Amazon Prime Visa - Good card to go with??
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A subreddit for discussing credit cards. Be sure to read sub rules before posting, use the resources linked in the sidebar / about section of the sub, and use search to see if your question has already been answered.

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Amazon Prime Visa - Good card to go with??

I'm a prime member and do fins myself purchasing quite a bit on Amazon. I feel like it's my go-to if I don't go to target, best buy, or Walmart. I'm constantly getting the pre-qualified mailers. Does anyone have their card and how do you like it? Are you happy with the rewards you get back? Also it sounds like you don't get charged interest on anything you buy on Amazon.

Can you do balance transfers to this card?

Is anybody else abandoning large streaming services for music and movies?
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Generation X was born, by broadest definition, between 1961 and 1981, the greatest anti-child cycle in modern history. Nevertheless, we grew up to become the world's most devoted parents: the "workhorse of America." This sub welcomes links, photos, graphics, memoirs, commentaries, stories, etc., for and about Gen-Xers, the 13th Generation of Americans. GenX also translates to many other parts of the world.

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Is anybody else abandoning large streaming services for music and movies?

(sorry this went on much longer than intended)

I don't know if it's an age thing or not, just wanted to hear if anyone else in my age group has gotten fatigued of streaming media.

For me I just got really tired of browsing threw MASSIVE catalogs of music or movies and still not finding that one weird thing I saw or heard some time ago and so I just let whatever play. The suggestions I get for music and movies all feel off-base, like, the algorithms are too attuned to "people who like X also like Y". I like being surprised and being exposed to stuff that I wouldn't choose on my own. We used to have to gamble on records or movie tickets or video rentals based on like hearing one track on college radio or seeing a movie poster, and while it certainly didn't always pay off, sometimes it really did. Letting the algorithm choose things mostly results in stuff I like fine but...... IT IS BORING THE HELL OUT OF ME.

I started listening to independent radio again (ironically mostly over the web) and have been exposed to a lot of great new music, which I was starting to think didn't exist, because the algorithm only makes safe choices from stuff it knows I like. I have bought more CD's in the last year than the previous 10 combined. It's been great listening to human curated shows again.

I've also been grabbing dvd's and blu rays off ebay more without knowing everything about the movie, and using streaming less, and it's just more enjoyable.

anyway get off my lawn, etc. etc.....

[Amazon Prime] Hegemony $55
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Deal posts only. Affiliate links are not allowed. Self promoting posts are limited to one post per week, on Fridays only. Kickstarter (or similar) submissions are not allowed. Massdrop (or similar) submissions are not allowed. Only submit deals or back-in-stocks for highly sought-after games. Use the following format (does not apply to deals bot): [Store] Product-name and Price (US or EU deal) Example: [Amazon] Settlers Of Catan - $25 (US only) For multiple deals use self posts.

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[Amazon Prime] Hegemony $55

If you have Prime, Hegemony is $15 cheaper than its next competitor. Say what you will about Amazon, but that's... not bad. Albeit you've had to shell out for prime to begin with, etc etc.

I love PlutoTV has a Bravo channel that airs Shahs of Sunset
r/ShahsOfSunset icon

Come here to discuss Shahs of Sunset with other fans of the show.

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I love PlutoTV has a Bravo channel that airs Shahs of Sunset

As many times as I have watched the seasons, S9 has to be the worst for me. Between Destiney digging into Mike’s relationship with Paulina and London trying to psychoanalyze everything and everyone on top of calling them babe first, annoyed the hell out of me!! Destiney could’ve remained a friend of the show.

Just watched Shakahari on Amazon Prime
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ಕನ್ನಡ ಚಲನಚಿತ್ರಗಳಿಗಾಗಿ ಏಕೈಕ ಅಧಿಕೃತ ಸಬ್ ರೆಡ್ಡಿಟ್. The one and only official Sub Reddit for Kannada Movies.

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Just watched Shakahari on Amazon Prime

Several movies in KFI have been hyped up in the past and didn't quite meet the mark. Blink is an example (which was just boring and insulting to watch). Shakahari is a film which had also received lots of positive reviews around the same time and unfortunately, Blink made me cautious of Shakahari's reviews.

Having just watched the movie, I've got to say that it thoroughly impressed me. Its slightly slow paced, but the way the story unfolds and reveals new events is great. There were no moments that felt forced. The setting of the movie is beautiful, and the beautiful cinematography just accentuates the beauty of UttaraKannada more, as does the language and the writing.

The characters and their interactions are so well written, you easily fall in love with Bhat and his regular customers, who always complain about Bhats restaurant and its stagnant menu.

I found the writing and direction to be quirky and slightly bizarre (but never unbelievable), and the fact that it remains quirky during serious scenes too is something that makes you feel that this movie is different to others in the genre. "ಒಂದೇ ಏಟಿಂದ ಸತ್ತರು" is something that will both shock you and leave you laughing at the same time.

This is a good movie and I'd recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Thank you Amazon Prime
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From galactic battles with savage space queens to eviscerating killer clowns in the streets, Todd McFarlane has touched every scene in the comics universe and imbued them with ultra-violence and extreme detail. McFarlane Toys keeps the rockets blazing by creating best-selling action figures that rival anything our imagination can fathom! Let's celebrate the toys that shook the industry to the core, and will continue to do so far into the future. [Now unofficially the best McFarlane Toys sub!]

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Thank you Amazon Prime
r/McFarlaneFigures - Thank you Amazon Prime

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