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Moderation Resources for the General Election ADMIN Moderation Resources for the General Election
Tool Guide

Hi mods!

With the general election upon us, I wanted to check in to ensure you are aware of all the moderation resources available to you. They can be very useful during this time if you’re experiencing surges in traffic to your community.

First, we have the following mod resources available to you:

  • The Harassment Filter The Harassment Filter is an optional community safety setting that lets moderators automatically filter posts and comments that are likely to be considered harassing. The filter is powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) that’s trained on moderator actions and content removed by Reddit’s internal tools and enforcement teams.

  • Crowd Control is a safety setting that allows you to automatically collapse or filter comments and filter posts from people who aren’t trusted members within your community yet.

  • Ban Evasion Filter filter is an optional community safety setting that lets you automatically filter posts and comments from suspected subreddit ban evaders.

  • Modmail Harassment Filter you can think of this feature like a spam folder for messages that likely include harassing/abusive content.

The above four tools are the quickest way to help stabilize moderation in your community if you are seeing increased unwanted activity that violates your community rules or the Content Policy.

  • You can request temporary assistance from experienced moderators from the Mod Reserves if you are experiencing an influx of traffic.

  • Self-Serve Mod Reorder allows you to reorder inactive mods.

  • The Reports and Removals section of your Mod Insights provides you with information about removals in your community, including admin removals.

  • Using AutoModerator and the Contributor Quality Score can help filter potentially violating content, especially from those who are not trusted users in the community.

  • You can keep in touch with fellow mods and seek advice from more experienced moderators right here in r/ukmods but also in r/ModSupport, r/ModGuide, r/ModHelp, and r/Automoderator. If you need to reach out to admins about an issue you are experiencing while moderating your community you’re welcome to message me for additional support.

If you are interested in adding new mods, here are some resources that can help!

Next, we also have resources for reporting:

As always, please remember to uphold Reddit’s Content Policy, and feel free to reach out if you aren’t sure how to interpret a certain rule.

Thank you for the work you do to keep your communities safe. Please feel free to share this with any other moderators or communities––we want to be sure that this information is widely available. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

I’d also encourage you to share any advice or tips that could be useful to other mods in the comments below!

Hello from your new UK admin! ADMIN Hello from your new UK admin!

Hey mods,

I hope you're well!

I'm the new Reddit Admin responsible for community relations here in the UK. I'm very happy to be able to (finally) introduce myself to you all, and to be your point of contact for all discussions about your communities.

I appreciate that the UK hasn’t had a dedicated admin for a while now. I just want to take a moment to express how much we value the work UK mods do and all the experience you bring to the platform. I'm here to make sure your voices are heard and given the weight they deserve by our internal teams. It’s been a pleasure meeting a number of you in recent weeks and I’m looking forward to talking more about how I can support your efforts with your subreddits moving forward.

Moving forward, this subreddit will be a more consistent resource for UK mods. I'll be in touch regularly to offer you insights around stuff happening on Reddit, the projects set up to support our UK communities, and to hear your feedback and impressions on features or initiatives.

For the time being, feel free to ask any questions and share thoughts (or concerns) you have. I look forward to talking with each and every one of you :)

Introducing…Reddit Meetup Week; June 8-15, 2024! ADMIN Introducing…Reddit Meetup Week; June 8-15, 2024!

TL;DR – Global Reddit Meetup Day is now Reddit Meetup Week and it’s happening June 8-15, 2024. Want to host an event for your community? Apply to receive support through r/CommunityFunds or host a DIY event. Join r/RedditMeetupWeek to follow along.


* 90s infomercial voice *Do you LOVE Reddit? Are you TIRED of connecting only within the walls of your monitor, laptop, or mobile device? Is meeting up with other redditors something that brings you JOY?

Well, we have an announcement for you.

Introducing…Reddit Meetup Week – 8 days of global, community-led IRL Reddit meetups from June 8-15, 2024.

If you’ve been around the block, you may remember Global Reddit Meetup Day (GRMD) from way back in the before days (2019 and earlier). GRMD helped communities create meetups together and form connections across the world. Although there are a few changes to the tradition this year, all of the good parts still exist…and some of them are even good-er. A whole week! Community Funds support! The possibilities are endless, so let’s get this thing back on the calendar.


When it comes to hosting an event, think about what will resonate most with your community. That could be a local dinner party, neighborhood clean-up, game night, virtual happy hour, volunteering, group hike/bike, art gallery walkthrough, pool party 🏊 or pool party 🎱, and those are just off the top of my head. The true beauty of Reddit Meetup Week is folks working together to create something that’s perfect for your people – whatever that may be.

There are 2 different ways to make your Reddit Meetup Week dreams happen – apply to receive monetary support through r/CommunityFunds or host a DIY event for your community!

Community Funds Events

Our one-of-a-kind Community Funds program provides financial support for community-driven events that bring users together. We’ve seen communities come up with some creative and fun ideas including, r/chicagofood going out for dinner, r/NBA hosting a meetup during All Star Weekend, and r/brisbane celebrating their local community through an in-person art exhibition.

  • Communities can apply to receive Reddit funding and support to host their events!

  • Moderators based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand and Australia are eligible to apply.

  • Community Funds can be used to cover costs for venues, food & beverages, event insurance, tickets to go to an event (think sporting events, museums, or movies), and event supplies (like for trash cleanups, in-person or virtual knitting circles, or book clubs).

  • If it’s your first time hosting an IRL event or applying for Community Funds, we recommend starting simple and small. Set a goal to gather a small group of community members and keep your list of costs specific and short.

  • Have questions? Let us know in r/CommunityFunds!

  • Submit your application before May 1, 2024 May 3, 2024

to be considered for Reddit Meetup Week funding.

DIY Events

  • If you don’t qualify or aren’t selected to receive Community Funds, don’t worry. You’ve got this! There are so many easy, cost-effective ways to host your own meetup.

  • Consider collaborating with similar subreddits, networking with fellow mods, or polling your community to see what they’re most excited about.


Update: We've extended the application deadline to May 3rd!

Reddit Meetup Week June 8-15,2024
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Chat Channels Coming This Week to a Community Near You! Chat Channels Coming This Week to a Community Near You!

Good morning, good afternoon, and good day!

TL;DR: As of this week, most mods in the UK with a safe for work community will now have access to a new feature called chat channels! We hope you all have fun with it. It’s currently only available on iOS and Android for the creation of the chat channel and moderation of it. All redditors can participate in a chat channel via desktop, iOS and Android. Our ask: try it out!!

Why Try Chat Channels?

Chat Channels help moderators and redditors talk about the things they care about, meet new friends, and get answers to their questions quickly, all in real-time. They are built so that moderators can easily manage content, define rules, and set expectations.

Chat Channels give moderators and redditors more options to connect with like-minded individuals without having to leave Reddit and make it easier for redditors to contribute to their favorite communities and topics. They also help communities grow, as we’ve seen during the pilot testing phase.

So whether your community is looking to chat using memes and emojis, discuss something more serious, find out the latest on the newest episode of your favorite show, have a moderator only chat, or anything in between, chat channels are a great way to foster conversation and community!

So what are Chat Channels?

Chat channels are moderator run spaces within Reddit communities where redditors (or even just moderators) can engage in real-time chat conversations.

We’ve been slowly ramping chat channels across Reddit and collecting feedback on how to improve the feature. So far, we saw success during our pilot phase in international countries like Brazil where communities like r/botecodoreddit and r/MusicaBR found the latest memes and music to connect over. In India, communities like r/IPL and r/KolkataKnightRiders found shared love over cricket and r/BollywoodMemes talked about the latest gossip and movies.

Screenshots of Chat Channels in ActionScreenshots of Chat Channels in Action

Additionally in the UK we saw chat channels have success in entertainment subs like r/apprenticeuk as well as in premier league communities like r/BrightonHoveAlbion. In Germany, r/TrashTVGermany and r/VintedForumFavoriten were among the favorite chat channels.

During the pilot phase of chat channels, there were such a variety of successful chat channels created that we are now extending the reach of chat channels globally. That said, we are still building features for chat channels so there will be LOTS more to come! If you’re interested, we’ve got more details below on how to start one up in your community.

Here’s how to do set it up (on iOS and Android only)

Step 1: Mod permissions

  1. Visit mod tools

  2. Select ‘Moderators’ under User Management

  3. Enter the username

  4. Select ‘Channel Management’ to allow a mod to create, edit, and delete chat channels

  5. Select ‘Channel Moderation’ to enable a moderator to manage chat channel settings, action on chat content, access mod notes, and ban and mute users.

Step 2: Create a chat channel

  1. Visit Mod tools (or select ‘Chats’ on the homepage and select ‘Create Chat Channel’)

  2. Select ‘Channel Management’

  3. Select ‘Create Channel’

  4. Name the channel and select public for your members to chat

Step 3: Set up who can participate in your chat channel

  1. Select ‘Chats’ on the homepage and select a channel

  2. Tap on the channel name at the top of the screen

  3. Select ‘Manage channel’ and then ‘Participation Requirements’

  4. Select the member requirement level you’d like for your channel

    1. We recommend starting with an ‘Peak participation’ and adjusting as needed to test out the various control levels

In more detail: Sometimes, you may want your members to be more established or in good standing to participate in your channels. You can decide which set of your members with certain criteria can join and contribute to the discussion by selecting your channel name to view your channel’s settings. Select Participation Requirements, and choose from a list of requirements from ‘Open chat’ through to ‘heavily restricted.’

Step 4: Manage content and moderate

  1. Tap the back arrow to return to ‘Manage channel’ screen

  2. Select ‘Banned content’

  3. Complete desired content you’d like banned from your channel, control what media is allowed, and select link sharing options

  4. Select ‘Save’

In more detail: on the “banned content” settings page, moderators can block words, phrases and URLs from being used in their chat channel. This tool also supports standard Python regex syntax configurations.

In addition, moderators can turn off or on three content types that members can send inside their chat channel:

  • Images

  • Gifs

  • Stickers

The content type restriction will not apply to moderators.

To pin a message, long press on a message you have sent and select "pin message". It will then show up at the top of the Chat Channel with a thumbtack icon. To unpin a message, long press on the pinned message and tap “unpin message.” Pinned messages can include gifs and images too.

To distinguish a message as a moderator, send a chat and then long-press on it, then tap distinguish as mod. This will designate a green shield next to your username.

To approve or remove any message (both reported or unreported), you can long press on the message or reaction and select approve or remove from the action menu. When banning a redditor from a chat channel, mods can also remove their reactions and messages previously sent.

Also noting that reported messages will have a yellow flag next to them . For more information on chat channels and mod tools, we’ve built out Help Center Articles to answer questions that might come up.

Where can Chat Channels be found?

You can access a chat channel on a community’s homepage, within the chat tab, and the home feed. On the left is a pic of the chat tab and on the right is a picture of a community with a chat channel enabled (next to feed it says Chats).

Screenshots of the Chat Tab and a chat channel in the r/IPL community

Best Practices

Chat Channels should be open, discoverable, welcoming, and make it easier for your members to contribute. Moderators should encourage these traits while keeping their chats moderated and ensure that phrases, words, and certain urls are prohibited to get there.

Below are some of the best practices that we’ve shared with early adopters of Chat Channels:

  • Share with your community!

    • Share with your community in a pinned post that chat channels. Let your members know that you’ll be sharing feedback directly with the Reddit Chat team, and encourage them to share any thoughts they have. We’d love to hear how your communities are responding to the features and what we’ll ship along the way!

  • Pin a welcome message or chat rules in the channel

    • Don't make it complicated, we recommend reiterating the rules while welcoming new chat channel members to the chat.

  • Start chatting: deciding topics for your channels

    • Every community communicates differently, and chat channels are a great way for your members to talk to each other in real-time and more in-depth on specific topics. Consider what themes come up frequently in your community where you think members would like to talk in more detail.

      • If you run a television community, consider a channel for live conversations at the time of the episode premiere

      • If you run a location-based community, consider a channel for breaking news, conversations on the latest business openings, or receiving updates on local politics

      • If you run a gaming community, consider setting up channels to discuss updates or finding other members to play games with

  • Start chatting: get the conversation going!

    • Start the conversation and set the tone by sending a message in your channel to get the chat going. Folks are usually more likely to start chatting when there is a prompt, question, or something to react to! Here are some examples:

      • Share a prompt about what you think will happen in an upcoming episode premiere

      • Send a message about your predictions for who would win a fight or tournament

      • Send a message with a question or advice you’d like to get some help on

      • Let your community know of any breaking news you saw or heard in your neighborhood

So that's a lot on chat channels! If you need more information please visit our help center page for more info and make sure to join r/RedditChatChannels where we post the latest updates. As always, have fun out there and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Check-In and Important Reminders Check-In and Important Reminders

Hi, mods! I hope you are doing well. I wanted to check in and see if there are any community-related issues that I can assist with. These may include:

  • Mod recruitment

  • Mod reordering

  • Community appearance

Feel free to also share any milestones, achievements, or new ideas related to your community.

I'd also like to leave a couple of reminders for those who may have missed previous posts:

  • If you're interested in testing Post Guidance, please reach out to me in the comments.

  • If you're considering applying for Community Funds but don't know where to start, this post might be helpful!

Thank you!

Post Guidance: What It Is and How to Test! Post Guidance: What It Is and How to Test!

Hi mods!

As some of you might have seen in other channels, we have been testing a feature called Post Guidance, which is intended to provide a superior experience for moderators seeking to guide their users when it comes to post creation. Additionally, the feature will alert users who are breaking specific guidelines when posting, with a custom message indicating the guideline they need to adhere to for their post to be approved (e.g., post formatting mistakes, off-topic discussions, redirecting users to megathreads or partner subs, etc.).

With this feature, you'll be able to create a more guided posting experience. This should lead to an increase in successful posts and an improved user experience because redditors will be alerted to avoidable rule violations and can rectify them before posting. In turn, mods will spend less time removing posts and responding to users asking why their post was removed.

We are still in the process of testing and gathering feedback from mods. If you would like to enroll in your subreddit, please let us know by commenting on this post.

Currently, Post Guidance is exclusively accessible to subreddits that have enrolled in the pilot program. You can check here for a progress report and some of the results we have achieved with the tests conducted so far.

We plan to release this feature more broadly in 2024. Given the positive results we’ve experienced thus far, Post Guidance is now available to 100% of desktop users (New Reddit) within subreddits participating in our pilot program.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Enhancing Your Community's Look: Icons and Banners Enhancing Your Community's Look: Icons and Banners

Hello there, mods!

This week, I'd like to discuss the importance of community icons and banners. I will break it down into two parts:

For New Moderators: Setting up an icon and a banner for your community not only provides a warm welcome but also contributes to shaping the identity and culture you wish to foster. I'm including guidelines here on how to add a banner and an icon on your community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or the broader community here on r/ukmods for more information.

For Experienced Mods: We've had discussions with some of you about updating your design assets for the New Reddit interface as well. A few communities have already taken the steps to bring their styling on New Reddit up to date, and it's fantastic to see cohesive designs on both interfaces. If your community hasn't done so yet, we kindly ask that you consider making the change. And if you need assistance, please let me know.

What else does a community need when starting on Reddit? If you would like to share anything with new moderators, please use the comment section below.

More about Community Funds and how to apply! More about Community Funds and how to apply!

Hello there, mods!

I wanted to share a bit more insight about the Reddit Community Funds program. I know that some of you showed interest in the past so I wanted to make sure you know that if you need help to apply, you can always contact me.

Reddit Community Funds is a program designed to bring community-driven ideas to life. Whether they involve in-person events or online initiatives, the program aims to empower communities and redditors to undertake meaningful projects. Here are a few examples of what you could achieve with Community Funds:

  • Support the costs of both in-person and online events.

  • Match your fundraising efforts for causes that matter most to your community. Here's an example from r/eurovision.

  • Fund something extraordinary - like getting your community on a NASCAR car.

Here are some recent examples of great projects that were executed using Community funds:

Community moderators can apply for funding of up to $50k to support their proposals. For further details regarding rules and application procedures, please refer to this link. We would advise you to apply at least two months before your intended starting date.
If you're interested but currently lacking a specific idea, we can certainly discuss potential possibilities.

Thank you!

Enabling Post Flair Navigation on your Community Enabling Post Flair Navigation on your Community
Tool Guide

Hey mods!

Happy new year, we hope all of you are doing well!

We would like to use the opportunity to put a spotlight on a new feature that was introduced in late 2023 and that has so far been very well-received by many mod teams and communities: Post flair navigation allows subreddits to display their post flair as a navigation menu on the Reddit mobile apps, making it much easier for the users to find posts related to their topics of interest.

To enable the post flair navigation menu in your community, go to mod tools on your mobile phone > Post flair in the Content & Regulations section, then toggle on 'Use post flair as navigation.'

Let me know if you have any questions about this feature or if there's anything else I can help you with :)

Thank you!

edit: link


Hello, Mods!

As many of you are aware, we had to postpone the Mod Roadshows in the UK due to logistical issues. We're thrilled to announce that we've now rescheduled them for November and can't wait to see you there.

Here are the new dates:

  • Nov. 3rd - Manchester - LOCATION/TIME TBD

  • Nov. 10th - London - LOCATION/TIME TBD

We'll soon provide you with details regarding the exact time and location. To express your interest in participating in these events, please fill out this form for London or this form for Manchester. Please note that you should only choose one location, and we will give preference to those who have not attended a mod event before. If you have already filled out the form for London, your interest has been noted and will be considered; there's no need to submit it again.

Unfortunately, due to low interest from mods, we had to cancel the Birmingham event. We sincerely apologize to those who were planning to attend. We will be actively looking for opportunities to organize events in more locations.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, and be sure to fill out the appropriate form that was sent to you!

UK Mod Check-In: How's it Going and a Random Question 🙂 UK Mod Check-In: How's it Going and a Random Question 🙂

Hey there, everyone! How's it going?

Firstly, a big thank you to all of you for the support since we relaunched this sub, and a warm welcome to everybody who has joined us.

This is our weekly post where I'll be asking how things are going and what main challenges you're tackling in the realm of moderation this week. This discussion serves as a great way for us to offer assistance with community-related issues and for newer moderators to gain a better grasp of our ecosystem.

Here are some suggestions for what you could share:

  • Doubts related to moderation in your subs;

  • Accomplishments or recent updates in your sub;

  • Is your sub on the lookout for new moderators? This is also a space where we can spread the word and exchange ideas about it.

And for today's random question to the mods: What's your all-time favorite pizza flavor?

Wishing you all a fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to r/ukmods. Join us discussing all things community! ADMIN Welcome back to r/ukmods. Join us discussing all things community!

Some of you might already know us, but let us introduce ourselves: We are u/Amazonika and u/VoxPorta, the Reddit Admins responsible for community relations in the UK. As such, we are your main point of contact with everything community related apart from the issues that belong more generally into r/modsupport.

International mods such as you face unique challenges compared to mods of global subreddits and often have different viewpoints, so having a space for likeminded mods of a similar background makes a lot of sense.

We already had the pleasure of working with some of you in recent months and we are happily looking forward to getting to know more of you. Mods are the people who are making Reddit great and we will do our best to help you with any issues you may be having, to offer you insights around stuff happening on Reddit, to support your efforts with your subreddits and also be a helpful space for new mods.

You are more than welcome to utilize this space for everything mod-related, from highlighting issues you might be having to us admins, discussion about ongoing events on Reddit, help with automod, looking for new mods and more - we already set up some corresponding flairs, if something is missing for you, please let us know!

If you have issues that you do not want to discuss in public, feel free to send us a modmail in this community and we will try our best to help you out!

We are happy to have you here, thank you so much for all the work you are doing!

Resources for using Automod -- your friendly community bot Resources for using Automod -- your friendly community bot
Tool Guide

Hey Mods,

If you scroll down to the Rules and Regulations section of your mod tools, you’ll find something called “Automod” — also known as Automoderator.

AutoModerator is a site-wide moderation tool that you can set up and customize in any subreddit to assist you in moderating that community. It can handle many of the sometimes repetitive tasks you may end up doing as a mod.

With the right set-up, it can:

  • send a modmail to alert you to potential issues,

  • reply to posts with helpful comments like pointing users to your community rules or other resources

  • remove or flair posts by domain or keyword,

  • require all comments to include the word “cat,” and

  • take many, many other actions automatically.

To get started, check out these links for more information on:

For additional resources, visit r/Automoderator, a user-run support community.