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Welcome! This is the official community to assist UK moderators with all things community! For technical problems, please reach out to r/modsupport.

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Check-In and Important Reminders


Hi, mods! I hope you are doing well. I wanted to check in and see if there are any community-related issues that I can assist with. These may include:

  • Mod recruitment

  • Mod reordering

  • Community appearance

Feel free to also share any milestones, achievements, or new ideas related to your community.

I'd also like to leave a couple of reminders for those who may have missed previous posts:

  • If you're interested in testing Post Guidance, please reach out to me in the comments.

  • If you're considering applying for Community Funds but don't know where to start, this post might be helpful!

Thank you!

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Hi! I'm interested to know what happens when a sub is left with mainly bot moderators - does the redditrequest process differentiate between bots and 'real' accounts? Obviously if a bot 'mod' is active, but the 'humans' are not, redditrequest may fail automatically if it assumes the bots are humans?

If that makes sense :)

Hey! The reddit request process has rules in place to detect well known bot accounts on subreddits to determine if there is mod activity or not. If there are only bot accounts left, it should recognise that it is not moderated by a human and allow it for request. If you make a request and have any issues though, reach out to the r/redditrequest modmail and they should be able to look into it further.

Thanks for the reply! :)


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My biggest issue at the moment is the bugs in mod mail. On iPad using the latest version of the official app, if my message goes over a certain character count, the app crashes.

I am sorry to hear that :/ I'll definitely make sure to forward this to the team responsible. Thanks for the feedback.

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