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Welcome! This is the official community to assist UK moderators with all things community! For technical problems, please reach out to r/modsupport.

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More about Community Funds and how to apply!

Hello there, mods!

I wanted to share a bit more insight about the Reddit Community Funds program. I know that some of you showed interest in the past so I wanted to make sure you know that if you need help to apply, you can always contact me.

Reddit Community Funds is a program designed to bring community-driven ideas to life. Whether they involve in-person events or online initiatives, the program aims to empower communities and redditors to undertake meaningful projects. Here are a few examples of what you could achieve with Community Funds:

  • Support the costs of both in-person and online events.

  • Match your fundraising efforts for causes that matter most to your community. Here's an example from r/eurovision.

  • Fund something extraordinary - like getting your community on a NASCAR car.

Here are some recent examples of great projects that were executed using Community funds:

Community moderators can apply for funding of up to $50k to support their proposals. For further details regarding rules and application procedures, please refer to this link. We would advise you to apply at least two months before your intended starting date.
If you're interested but currently lacking a specific idea, we can certainly discuss potential possibilities.

Thank you!

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Is there a deadline for applications?

Hey HadjiChippoSafri,
No deadline! Just be aware that it will take a few weeks from the application to approval, to receiving the funds. So it would be advisable to apply in advance if your idea is related to a specific timeline.

Thanks! Will ask our community for some ideas

Great! Let me know if you need any help.

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