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Enabling Post Flair Navigation on your Community

Tool Guide

Hey mods!

Happy new year, we hope all of you are doing well!

We would like to use the opportunity to put a spotlight on a new feature that was introduced in late 2023 and that has so far been very well-received by many mod teams and communities: Post flair navigation allows subreddits to display their post flair as a navigation menu on the Reddit mobile apps, making it much easier for the users to find posts related to their topics of interest.

To enable the post flair navigation menu in your community, go to mod tools on your mobile phone > Post flair in the Content & Regulations section, then toggle on 'Use post flair as navigation.'

Let me know if you have any questions about this feature or if there's anything else I can help you with :)

Thank you!

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u/n3rding avatar

Please allow us to specify the flairs and the order, it’s the only reason I’m not using it unfortunately

Understood! I will pass on your feedback.

u/n3rding avatar

Much appreciated

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Can you add removal via flair as well? We have users who would rather skip Political posts but see the rest.

Noted! I'll make sure to pass your feedback to the team. Thank you.

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u/Merari01 avatar

I would really, really like the ability to exclude posts from feeds based on flairs.

There are user-made hacks but none that work across all ways to access reddit.

It's quite a headache

Hey Merari01, thanks for your feedback. We are sending all your suggestions to the responsible team.

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