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Moderation Resources for the General Election ADMIN Moderation Resources for the General Election
Tool Guide

Hi mods!

With the general election upon us, I wanted to check in to ensure you are aware of all the moderation resources available to you. They can be very useful during this time if you’re experiencing surges in traffic to your community.

First, we have the following mod resources available to you:

  • The Harassment Filter The Harassment Filter is an optional community safety setting that lets moderators automatically filter posts and comments that are likely to be considered harassing. The filter is powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) that’s trained on moderator actions and content removed by Reddit’s internal tools and enforcement teams.

  • Crowd Control is a safety setting that allows you to automatically collapse or filter comments and filter posts from people who aren’t trusted members within your community yet.

  • Ban Evasion Filter filter is an optional community safety setting that lets you automatically filter posts and comments from suspected subreddit ban evaders.

  • Modmail Harassment Filter you can think of this feature like a spam folder for messages that likely include harassing/abusive content.

The above four tools are the quickest way to help stabilize moderation in your community if you are seeing increased unwanted activity that violates your community rules or the Content Policy.

  • You can request temporary assistance from experienced moderators from the Mod Reserves if you are experiencing an influx of traffic.

  • Self-Serve Mod Reorder allows you to reorder inactive mods.

  • The Reports and Removals section of your Mod Insights provides you with information about removals in your community, including admin removals.

  • Using AutoModerator and the Contributor Quality Score can help filter potentially violating content, especially from those who are not trusted users in the community.

  • You can keep in touch with fellow mods and seek advice from more experienced moderators right here in r/ukmods but also in r/ModSupport, r/ModGuide, r/ModHelp, and r/Automoderator. If you need to reach out to admins about an issue you are experiencing while moderating your community you’re welcome to message me for additional support.

If you are interested in adding new mods, here are some resources that can help!

Next, we also have resources for reporting:

As always, please remember to uphold Reddit’s Content Policy, and feel free to reach out if you aren’t sure how to interpret a certain rule.

Thank you for the work you do to keep your communities safe. Please feel free to share this with any other moderators or communities––we want to be sure that this information is widely available. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

I’d also encourage you to share any advice or tips that could be useful to other mods in the comments below!

Enabling Post Flair Navigation on your Community Enabling Post Flair Navigation on your Community
Tool Guide

Hey mods!

Happy new year, we hope all of you are doing well!

We would like to use the opportunity to put a spotlight on a new feature that was introduced in late 2023 and that has so far been very well-received by many mod teams and communities: Post flair navigation allows subreddits to display their post flair as a navigation menu on the Reddit mobile apps, making it much easier for the users to find posts related to their topics of interest.

To enable the post flair navigation menu in your community, go to mod tools on your mobile phone > Post flair in the Content & Regulations section, then toggle on 'Use post flair as navigation.'

Let me know if you have any questions about this feature or if there's anything else I can help you with :)

Thank you!

edit: link

Resources for using Automod -- your friendly community bot Resources for using Automod -- your friendly community bot
Tool Guide

Hey Mods,

If you scroll down to the Rules and Regulations section of your mod tools, you’ll find something called “Automod” — also known as Automoderator.

AutoModerator is a site-wide moderation tool that you can set up and customize in any subreddit to assist you in moderating that community. It can handle many of the sometimes repetitive tasks you may end up doing as a mod.

With the right set-up, it can:

  • send a modmail to alert you to potential issues,

  • reply to posts with helpful comments like pointing users to your community rules or other resources

  • remove or flair posts by domain or keyword,

  • require all comments to include the word “cat,” and

  • take many, many other actions automatically.

To get started, check out these links for more information on:

For additional resources, visit r/Automoderator, a user-run support community.

Giving your posts and community members a little more flair Giving your posts and community members a little more flair
Tool Guide

Hi all!

Post and user flair are special tagging systems you can enable to help you categorize content in your community, as well as distinguish users in special ways.

You can see it in action in this community, where we’ve flaired our official posts to let you know what topic we’re covering. (In this instance, “Tool Guide”)

You can set up flair with custom text, colors, and even emojis, if you've enabled them in your community.

For information on how to enable and set up flair in your community, see the articles below:

Once you have post flair set up, don’t forget to visit your community appearance tools and add the post flair sidebar widget, which allows your community to easily find and access all posts tagged with a specific flair.

You can see this widget in action and try it out in this community as well!

Have questions? Drop them in the comments!

Communicating through modmail Communicating through modmail
Tool Guide

Hello all!

Modmail is the mod messaging system attached to your community that allows people to contact your moderation team. Community members and mods will utilize modmail for a number of things, and any ban appeals will come through your modmail, making it especially important to check in regularly.

You can access it through your mod tools -- or to access it more quickly, go to or click the little mod shield icon at the top right of the page — near the search bar.

There can be quite a lot of nuance to using modmail if you choose to utilize all the available features.

We recommend going through the documentation to get a deeper understanding of:

Have questions about modmail or your own tips to share? Let us know below.

Recruiting, adding, and training new mods Recruiting, adding, and training new mods
Tool Guide

Hey everyone!

This early in a community's life-cycle, it's not uncommon to do everything on your own. But - if you have some success and find your community growing, sometimes you need a little help.

If you're thinking about adding other mods to your community, we have a few resources to guide you:

Good to know: Leaving as a mod from a community that you created passes it down to the next mod in line. If there are no other mods, it will become available for other redditors to request.

Keeping your community in the know - Collections and Events Keeping your community in the know - Collections and Events
Tool Guide

Hey Mods!

We semi-recently launched a couple of new tools to help you group content together and set up events for your community.

You can see this in practice in this community, where all related official posts show to the left of the main content, allowing you to browse related posts.

Collections are set up in the create post page and can be applied during the creation of a post or after the creation of a post.

Events can be applied during post creation and to existing posts as well.

Both collections and events give community members the ability to follow and be notified when events start or new content is added to a collection.

You can check out examples of both of these features in action there. The r/gameofthrones mods have done a great job of utilizing the tools for their weekly discussion posts.

Now it's your turn: What will you use collections for?

Handling rule breakers in your community Handling rule breakers in your community
Tool Guide

Hi, mods!

Today we are going to talk about rule breaking community members - aka bad actors.

While a new community rarely has an immediate influx of trolls or people who just don't seem to be willing to follow the rules, eventually almost all communities run into a bad actor at some point in their evolution.

If the offense isn't super egregious, you might consider giving the community member a warning and educating them about your rules. Once you know they are aware of the expectations in your community, if they continue to ignore the rules, you do have some tools that can help you out.


While educating your community is always the first goal, if you find that it isn't working, you can head on over to you user management mod tools and utilize your ban tool. This will give you a way to temporarily or permanently ban users from your community while also educating them on the reason for the ban.

Community members may appeal the ban through modmail and this can give you another opportunity to educate them on expectations in your community in the future.

Read this for information on exactly how to use the tool, shortcuts for using the tool, and best practices.


Sometimes bad actors don't take kindly to being banned and unfortunately, don't react reasonably. If you've tried educating them and they keep modmailing repeatedly or being insulting, you can mute them — removing their ability to send you a modmail for 72 hours.

Hopefully, you won't need these tools often! But they're there for you if you do. And if you find that the tools aren't being effective and you have an especially determined rule-breaker on your hands, you can always reach out to us directly so we can help.

tl;dr You can ban and mute users who are not following your rules or Reddit's content policy, but try to warn first and educate wherever you can.

Have a plan for how you'll handle rule-breakers in your community? Let us know in the comments.

What is the mod queue? What is the mod queue?
Tool Guide

Hey all!

We touched a little on mod tools when we talked about Mod Mode, which is great for taking action on things you find while browsing your community. Today, we're going to talk a little about your mod queue, which helps you see problems you might miss as your community grows.

When you access your mod tools, the first thing you see is your main mod queue. If all is well, there won't be anything in it - and you may be wondering "what even is this?"

As you grow, you'll find that your mod queue is your first line of defense against problematic content popping up in your community.

If you've had community members report things that may break Reddit's content policy or your community's rules, this is where all that content will show up for you to review. Once reviewed, you can choose to approve an item, remove an item, spam it, or ignore future reports so it won't keep showing up in your mod queue.

You can even take the same action on multiple items in your queue at once.

While you may not have much happening in your mod queues yet, be sure to drop by this help center article some time for more in depth information about your mod queue, the actions you can take, and the more granular queues you can access.

Have a question about the mod queues? Drop it in the comments!

What is Mod Mode? What is Mod Mode?
Tool Guide

Hi all!

You may have noticed an option under your profile drop down called Mod Mode now that you've created a community.

While mod tools related to post and comment actions (approve, remove, and spam) are always available via the moderation shield icon under posts, having Mod Mode enabled allows you to access them with fewer clicks by putting them directly under posts and comments.

Leaving mod mode off makes your browsing experience more similar to that of your community.

You read about post and comment actions, as well as see examples of Mod mode in our Mod Help Center Article.

You can also access Mod Mode on mobile.

Special post actions - Lock, Spoiler, NSFW, and OC Special post actions - Lock, Spoiler, NSFW, and OC
Tool Guide

Hi mods!

Let's talk about special post actions. Because no one likes a spoiler.

So all of these special post actions can be found in the little mod shield icon you can access under posts and comments -- and all but 'Lock' are available on the submit page when you create a new post, making them available to community members. What do they do?


Locking a post mean only mods will be able to comment on it. Good for dumpster fires. Bad for whimsy. Use wisely and sparingly!


Gives a visual flag to community members that the content may contain spoilers for a show, movie, book, etc. Also blurs out media content until click through.


To be in line with the site's content policy, you definitely must mark all 'Not Safe For Work' content as such. This tool blurs out content until click through and creates a visual flag for community members.


A special tag for letting community members know that the content of a post is Original Content. This is only available if you enable it in your advanced community settings.

Let us know how you've had to use special post actions in your community below.

How to create a community description and rules How to create a community description and rules
Tool Guide

Hi mods!

We’re going to dive into some of the first steps of setting up your community. If you have any questions or comments after reading through this, remember to chat about them with other mods in the comments below!

When you first created your community, you went through a settings page where you set up your community’s name, description, and type.

While that’s enough to get you started, you may not realize, through your mod tools, you can go back and update many other settings after creation.

One of the most critical things to revisit is your community’s description in your settings. If you didn’t strongly define this before, go ahead and do it now. When people search for your community, other than your community’s name, this is one of the first things they will see and it will often help determine if they want to bother clicking through and visiting your community.

Once you’ve got your description in place, it can be a good idea to get a few rules defined.

Whether you’re looking to take a more laissez faire approach to moderation or have pretty clear community guidelines in mind, getting some rules up (even simple rules like “Be kind”) will help you to set expectations for visitors.

tl;dr: Make your community description clear and awesome and get some rules in place. Click "follow" in the upper right of this post to get notified when more official posts are added.

**Now it’s your turn:** Share your most important community rule and/or ask for ideas from other mods in the comments below.