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Enhancing Your Community's Look: Icons and Banners Enhancing Your Community's Look: Icons and Banners

Hello there, mods!

This week, I'd like to discuss the importance of community icons and banners. I will break it down into two parts:

For New Moderators: Setting up an icon and a banner for your community not only provides a warm welcome but also contributes to shaping the identity and culture you wish to foster. I'm including guidelines here on how to add a banner and an icon on your community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or the broader community here on r/ukmods for more information.

For Experienced Mods: We've had discussions with some of you about updating your design assets for the New Reddit interface as well. A few communities have already taken the steps to bring their styling on New Reddit up to date, and it's fantastic to see cohesive designs on both interfaces. If your community hasn't done so yet, we kindly ask that you consider making the change. And if you need assistance, please let me know.

What else does a community need when starting on Reddit? If you would like to share anything with new moderators, please use the comment section below.

Mod Resources - Where to go for help Mod Resources - Where to go for help

Hey mods!

We’ve put up a lot of posts that discuss the basics of modding, styling, growing, and using your mod tools. Before we continue, we want to pause and make you aware of all the different resources available to you.

While this community and the Mod Help Center can be fantastic resources to help you understand the tools available to you, we understand that sometimes, you need more than general documentation and want to dive in deeper. Sometimes you need to talk to experienced mods or reach out to site admins.

Communities for mods

There are a lot of communities out there to help mods. Below are some you may find the most helpful early on:

  • r/modhelp - An unofficial community that is rich in resources for new mods and has experienced mods available to give advice. Consider this your go-to place for questions about basic mod tools or mod strategy if you’re having trouble finding an answer here or in the Mod Help Center.

  • r/ModSupport - An official admin sponsored community that is more focused on complex tool questions for mods.

  • r/Automoderator - Setting up automoderator can be daunting to a new mod. This community aims to provide resources to help make it easier.

  • r/modnews - While you can’t submit posts here, joining the community will help you see updates on the most recent new mod tools or changes to existing tools. It’s a good place to leave feedback for site administrators during tool related announcements.

Check out this list for a more inclusive list of the many communities for mods.

I'm a mod! Wait -- what does that mean? I'm a mod! Wait -- what does that mean?

Hi Mods!

This post is probably more relevant to our newer mods here. So in that case we want to keep things short and simple by pointing you to the fundamentals.

What even can mods do? A whole lot, but not everything.

Which brings us to, what can’t mods do? Yes, your super-powers are limited to your own community and there are also some guidelines to follow — as well as a content policy to be aware of.

Basically, you have access to many tools that allow you to actively shape the culture of your community. We’ll talk more about those in upcoming posts.

Be sure to look through the Mod Help Center for further information and stop by regularly, as we'll be posting quick tips, as well as diving deeper into new topics.

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