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✨ Welcome! ✨ A bit about the sub, why sparkly is in fact a color, and some science about why we like sparkly things so much.

Hello and welcome to r/sparklyisacolor! A place for sparkle enthusiasts to share pics, vids, and sparkly sentiments about things that shine and glint in aesthetic ways. We are the people who get easily distracted by shiny objects, and we are proud.

You might be wondering about the sub name. Let me explain. Sparkly is, in fact, a color. It's a wonderful color and it's the best color. It's kind of the ultimate color if you think about it.

Color is defined as "the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light" (definition from Oxford Languages). In layman's terms, color is the reflection of light. And what is sparkly, but the pinnacle of light reflection? It reflects light, in all its wavelengths, in various directions and intensities. Basically, sparkly is a color that has gone above and beyond, and it's very pretty and we love it.

(Note: I have no idea how well this explanation would hold up in actual scientific communities, but it's fun saying that sparkly is my favorite color so I roll with it)

Why do we love sparklies so much? Apparently, that's a bit of an innate human thing. Studies show that we are (possibly the only?) creatures on earth that have such an obsession with shiny objects. Many scientists theorize that it's because it reminds us of water; shiny glossy surfaces look like water, sparkly rocks remind us of sun hitting sparkly waves, etc., and that would have been a useful affinity to have in early human history. So if you're like me and you get intensely satisfied by looking at a very sparkly object, you're not alone! You're only in touch with your human roots, and have great aesthetic sense too. ;)

I hope you enjoy your time perusing this sub in all its sparkly glory! We love our shiny sparkly things here, so if you're a bit of a magpie, we are your people.

P.S. If you're ever bored and want to start a heated discussion, say "sparkly is a color" to anyone in a room and watch it erupt into a whole thing. It's really funny how people will take sides on it so quickly. (But we all know who's right. ✨)


Post flair update: Here's what the different tags mean

The flairs are to describe different types and qualities of sparkle. It's kind of a subjective thing and there's no hard and fast rules, but it's fun to have categories of sparkle types!

Here are the (loose) definitions of each:

Sparkly: Shining with small & numerous flashes of light

Shiny: Metallic or generally reflective without much light breakup (ex: foil wrapping, shiny pennies, metallic ribbons)

Refractive: Glassy, icy, clear objects (ex: clear quartz crystals, glass objects)

Shimmery: Like sparkly, but smaller and more numerous flashes, and/or like water (think waves shimmering in sunlight, or very fine glitter)

Iridescent: Colors change from different angles (like opal, mother of pearl, bubbles, etc.)

Glinty: Like sparkly, but larger & less frequent flashes (maybe super reflective crystal clusters, or large glitter-like objects)

Glittery: Anything sparkly involving glitter! Usually man-made, but not always.

Twinkley: Like sparkly, but slower and maybe less numerous flashes, and usually from sources that emit lights themselves (think stars, or Christmas lights)

Glossy: When there's a layer of shiny/refractive stuff that makes something look wet or glassy (lip gloss, lacquer, porcelain glaze, etc.)

You might find something that is a mix of a bunch of these, and that's totally fine. Just pick one that you think matches closest! It's kind of subjective and up to interpretation for the individual, so just have fun with it :)

And if you're a fan of a particular kind of sparkle, give yourself the flair to show it. I'm a Sparkle Enthusiast, but maybe you're a fan of Glint or Shimmer. Show off what kind of sparkle makes you happiest!

Happy sporkeling! ✨