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"You've been banned from PovertyFinance"

Four months ago I posted the following message on this subreddit due to an increase of shitty people who have not read the rules or the community guidelines:

Things have not improved significantly. As such, these policies are no longer temporary.

So here is how it is going to be. Any infraction can (and most likely will) incur a temp ban. This is to drive home the point that this shit isn't negotiable. Duration to be determined by the severity of the infraction, but ranging from 1 to 30 days.

A second offense of the same penalty, or getting numerous offenses across different rules will yield longer temp bans with every infraction. Users who demonstrate that their offenses are innate or deliberate, rather than accidental or incidental will get a full ban.

Particularly shitty people will get a 365 day ban out the gate. We believe people can change, but we're going to give them lots of time for it.

Overtly evil people, troll accounts, or bad faith people will be banned outright without warning explanation.

As always, all actions can be appealed if you believe they are unfair. HOWEVER, we expect you to review what you said first, and review the rules as well. If you think we misinterpreted something, got the wrong guy, or whatever, please appeal on those grounds and we will review it. If you make a bad-faith appeal, whatever ban you have will be extended. If you come into modmail asking "why was I banned" for an obvious infraction you will get an extension. And please note that saying "Other kids were doing it too mom" is not a valid appeal. If you think other people need to have action taken on them, report their comments as well.

We are a small team. We can't see everything posted here. But we sure as hell see all the reports.

Edit 1: Intent matters. Coming here trying to help and breaking a rule will be viewed very differently than coming here with cruel intentions even if the violation is a soft-ball.

Edit 2: Please understand this is still reddit, an anonymous message board filled with sad, miserable, SMALL people. We won't be able to prevent shitty people wandering in. We can see them to the door as quickly as they arrive. TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN REPORTING SHITTY COMMENTS. That's how we get these bastards, when you point them out to us. Also, if you see something shitty, report it and move on. Don't fight with an idiot, because they will lower you to their level, defeat you with experience, and get both of you banned in the process!

If you need something, go to dollar tree first If you need something, go to dollar tree first

Got a new job and saw that I work a few doors down from a dollar tree. Looking around I noticed they have a lot of stuff of similar quality that big name stores have but more than half the price cheaper. Like holy crap??? Seriously, saved me so much money. If I ever need something I check there first. Tons of kitchen supplies, bathroom essentials, a lot of dry and canned food too. 10/10 would recommend.

I make $65,000 per year as a single dad and I went to a food handout place today. I make $65,000 per year as a single dad and I went to a food handout place today.
Vent/Rant (No Advice/Criticism!)

Turns out there’s a church like 2 blocks from me that gives away free food to any family once per week. And I was surprised at the quality and diversity of the items too. It was Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods stuff that was like 2 days past expiration yet still TOTALLY edible; some of it was even frozen goods chicken/steak which wouldn’t expire for a looooong time.

I never thought that a single guy making $65,000 per year would have to get assistance from a food kitchen, but since I’m paying almost $1,000 per month in child support, despite the fact that we have close to 50/50 custody, this is my reality for the next 8+ years.

We went to lunch today to celebrate my anniversary with my girlfriend and for me, my gf, and my 9 year old daughter ordering literally just sandwiches and tea and dessert it was over $100. We’re going to the community pool tomorrow and it’s gonna cost $15 each, when as a kid I remember going to the community pool for like $2-3 per day.

How is any of this freaking sustainable???

Edit to those rendering judgement on me: I didn’t steal the food at all. I filled out the paperwork they had, entered my correct income, and they still happily handed me the groceries. In fact, I waited until almost the end of the event and it still wasn’t even busy, despite them having plenty of goods that were donated by the grocery stores. They specifically said on their website “we help everyone, regardless of income”. I would never steal.

Being homeless and humbling myself going to church : Being homeless and humbling myself going to church :
Misc Advice

Today was a hard day . Food bank was closed there , now I knew that already . Before mass began, I got lucky to see the one lady who does food bank stuff there . I did mention the need I have like now for food shower etc I showed them how I’ve called shelters and they are full . I’m simply waiting . They were kind , the priest Father Walthamn ( not sure spelling ?) was very understanding. Then I also felt embarrassed and a bother . The other person there made it clear the food bank is closed& they don’t have an emergency food bank. She even did the quotation mark with her fingers lol I just felt very annoying . I’m not being paranoid I genuinely know when I’m not wanted . Trust me . I look homeless.I’m not Dirty, but I’m obviously in a street life situation. I felt let down again, I don’t think people owe anyone anything. Ever . But it’s church lol I just thought of all places I’d at very least find kindness:/ so I left once mass was over . I prayed for that lady and some other stuff . I just feel very sad 😔 I’m sure I’ll get ppl saying suck it up well I do most of the time . This time I’m just feeling completely lost . Tomorrow is Monday hopefully things aww re different this week . Applied for more jobs still have my job offer and I’m praying I get there . Hope everyone is safe and fed :)

Life is getting harder and i dont know what to do! Life is getting harder and i dont know what to do!
Vent/Rant (No Advice/Criticism!)

First time posting here. Ive been spiraling in a down word life of unaffordability. I 28M and my partner 25F have a 4M child I've been trying to provide a best I can for us but at this point I can no longer sustain our house hold. Debt is becoming unbearable expenses are hard to to pay. And everytime we get a ray of hope and thing look like we'll be able to make it. Something comes around to mess it up. We are currently working with a debt relief program which hasnt taken into full swing yet. And we felt like we would make it out. But this morning as we were getting ready to spwnd some quality time at a park for my Bday we head to our car and find that all the windows had been smashed. I cant anymore. This city Im is in shambles crime is at an all time high. I can't afford this I'm trying to get out but i can't. I'm slowly sinking.i need help but don't know where to go at this point.

What frustrates me the most What frustrates me the most
Vent/Rant (No Advice/Criticism!)

Is how you can put in as much if not MORE effort than someone from a more privileged socioeconomic background, and yet still be behind. You can still take years and years to attain the kind of life they were gifted through birth and take for granted every single day. One small financial emergency, and we’re years behind and our entire life is set back. For them, it’s just one little, minor inconvenience, and they usually have a pretty sizable family to pitch in and help them out.

I have a few friends in particular who constantly downplay and minimize genuine progress I make in my life by flaunting their privilege and better life in my face whenever I try and confide in them. They treat me like I’m inferior, talk over me. It hurts, especially when literally the only thing they have that I don’t is money. They’re unable to conceive of a life where every day you have to stress about whether you’ll be able to afford a doctor’s visit if something goes wrong, or where your next meal will come from.

I'm (emotionally) having a really hard time buying the stuff I need for work. I'm (emotionally) having a really hard time buying the stuff I need for work.
Misc Advice

Logically, I know I can afford it. I'll be making $20/hr. But after being in poverty most of my childhood, and recently started adult life with some financial difficulties, I struggle to make large purchases. And steel toed work boots are required for my new job, and better quality ones are like $150+. I spent $60 on my sneakers which are my only pair of shoes right now, and I always wear my shoes every day for years until they're completely worn out and have come apart too many times and can't be glued back together or sewn up anymore. I get most clothes used at thrift stores and yard sales.

I made $14.15 at my last job, and $12 the job before that, and they were both part time and seasonal. So it made sense before to not buy new shoes very often. But now I'll get close to full time hours and make a lot more per hour.

I can use my credit card to buy the boots and pay it off as soon as I get my paycheck. I'll still be able to buy the other things I need like my prescription medications, toiletries, dog food, transportation, and groceries, and have plenty of money left over to save for vet emergencies and to move out (I live with family right now).

I'm still tempted to buy $40 work boots that probably won't be any good. I don't know how to get past the urge to get things as cheaply as possible, now that I can afford everything I need. It'd be better to get stuff that'll last longer and be more comfortable even if it's more expensive at first. For some reason I just can't bring myself to do it.

Should I become a nurse? Tech field is a shit show. Should I become a nurse? Tech field is a shit show.
Misc Advice

Currently in school for computer science. But the chances of me finding an internship is pretty low. I took all these difficult math classes and I have nothing to show for it. I also can’t find anything entry level. I just want stable employment for the rest of my life. I want to be able to have my own apartment and own my car. Maybe it’s too much to ask for but I’m out of options. I’ve already been a CNA previously so I’m familiar with healthcare.

😞 lost 😞 lost
Misc Advice

I don’t know what to do. Became disabled in 2016, lost my career I worked very hard to finally get. My health has taken everything from me. I was “blessed” to get ssdi on first try, but as a single mom to a 15 year old I cannot do it. Less than 800 a month. Am ordered child support but he constantly takes voluntary lay offs (he has substance issues) I showed this to Job and fam services and they said they have to count to court ordered amount as income. So I would get $12 a month. I can’t drive there are hardly any mobile food banks, my son eats like a horse 😂 I need to order him a new month of contacts, school supplies/clothes, we have no food and I feel like this is never ending. I know it is not my fault that my body is failing me but I feel like such a failure. I try and watch all the frugal videos etc but they all speak of saving and I have nothing left to save. Any tips at all? I am chronically stressed as this is simply a never ending struggle.

Don't be too proud to live at home Don't be too proud to live at home

I want to preface this by saying don't stay at home if you're in an unsafe or abusive relationship. Don't remain at home if doing so would place an undue burden on your family and while you're there help out however you can and generally be a pleasant person to have around. Move out if it is necessary for work, school, or some other circumstance that makes it necessary. This post is about moving out because "it's what a person is supposed to do" or "I gotta be a real grown up"

Money doesn't care how you feel about earning or spending it. Money will leave your wallet just as quick when "you're taking care of your business" Money doesn't care.

In my area a studio apartment is about $1,500/mo and even a rented room is about $1,000/mo. For someone working full time making $15/hr thats between 1/3 to 1/2 their income. Even if we believe 1/3 is "acceptable" the question should be "is it necessary?"

If you live at home for 5 years and saved the money with 0% interest then at $1,000/mo you saved $60,000 or at $1,500/mo thats $90,000.

If you have $3,6000 invested such that you are getting 5% in dividends and 3% in growth (which is on the conservative side of the average annual return on the stock market of 8-10%) you earn $15 and enough growth on the principal to offset inflation. Every $3,600 invested buys you back an hour of the 160 you would spend working each month and will do so for the rest of your life. Thus, $60,000 can buy you 16.6 hours/mo and $90,000 can buy you 25 hours.

Let's say that after that 5 years you decide to move out so you no longer have that $1,000 to invest every month. You also decide to keep reinvesting the money you have rather than spending the money or working less hours. You're 23 years old and have $60,000 invested (16.6 hours at $15/hr). At 8% return it takes about 9 years for your money to double so at 32 years you have $120,000 (33.2 hours at $15/hr). At 41 you have $240,000 (66.4 hours at $15/hr) At 50 you have $480,000 (132.8 hours at $15/hr) At 59 you have $960,000 (132.8hours at $30/hr)

By the time you retire that 5 years of living at home when you were 18 has earned you almost $1 million and with 5% dividends earns you nearly as much as full time employment at $30/hr or $47,808/year. You didn't have to advance in your career or put aside anything for retirement and you've secured the back half of your life and the lives of your heirs who can inherit those investments.

If you invest additional money along the way you can get there quicker but it's totally unnecessary. Just save money on rent which is a significant expense when you are young and not making alot of money and have alot of time to make that money work for you.

As a side note, driving a basic car with low monthly payments and interest rates will do almost as much, especially if you continue doing it for your entire life.

Single parent needing some guidance Single parent needing some guidance
Housing/Shelter/Standard of Living

For almost a decade now, I've only been working part time, for several reasons, but the big two being: I wanted to spend as much time with my kid as possible while they're still little, and I live with my mother and didn't need to work full time. I also received assistance.

My child is becoming more independent, and I am itching to get back to a full time position. I am looking at a promotion within the organization I work pt for, and it's going to put a nice extra chunk of money in my pocket, but that money will essentially go right to child care, car payments, and a bit of student loan debt. I will lose my assistance, but with the aid of food pantries, I can still manage to break even, and it will be worth it when this position leads to career growth down the line.

My issue is that my mother is toxic as hell. She is good to my kid, but she has little to no respect for me, and I am sick and tired. I've spent years whittling away at myself to be exactly who she wants me to be, and it still isn't good enough. I want out desperately.

Initially, I thought I would just work two jobs, then I could afford to rent an apartment or something for me and the kiddo. Things would be tight, and I'd be exhausted, but at least my highly influential child won't constantly be listening to my mother belittling me. Then I discovered that child care centers in my area don't seem to offer weekend care or extended hours, plus I would never have any time to spend with my kid. I'm not too sure what other options I have that wouldn't cost a small fortune, such as hiring a sitter.

Can anyone offer me some advice or guidance? Is there freedom in my future, or is dependence on my abusive mom all that is in the cards for me at this time? Do I just suck it up for another ten years? I feel like my spirit is being broken every time she speaks to me.

Question about plasma donation Question about plasma donation

So I’m going to donate plasma for the first time. My question is if I donate for the first time with company 1 and collect their first time donor pay ($150), can I donate in a couple of days with company 2 and collect their first time donor pay ($100)? Or would they just pay the regular donor pay ($30-50)? On top of being a SAHM, I’m trying to start a business and start school next month so I’m trying to take as much financial weight off my husband as possible. If you guys know anything else I can do for a small source of income it’s much appreciated!

My older brother and his wife let me have $100 for groceries 😭 My older brother and his wife let me have $100 for groceries 😭

(Note: we are on the brink of starving and have no food. The food pantry was last Wednesday but we had no way to get there and back home so we missed out on it.

I should also clarify that they didn’t technically give me money, I made a list and then we went and they bought it. I didn’t get any money out of this, not even the money that was remaining. The only reason I didn’t spend more is because I thought I was at my limit already.)

This morning, my older brother and his wife took me to the grocery store. I had told them I don’t have any money but they insisted. They let me have $100 to spend on food. I only spent about $73. It’s gonna keep me and my younger blind brother fed for another few days 😭 I’m so grateful. Every day I wake up I am thankful for what I have, where I am, and that I’m not where I was anymore. My older brother will never know how much I really appreciate what he’s done for me and my younger brother. I can only hope one day I’ll be stable enough to repay them ten fold.

Need emotional support Need emotional support
Misc Advice

So, I just got through a bunch of really traumatic things, and now I don't have money for groceries. I had been making everything from scratch to cut costs, and I have a few meals left in the freezer, but this is where my anxiety starts to get out of control. I feel like I'm familiar with how to do this, at least on a cognitive level, but I could use some validation. Like, "I've been there and it sucks" sort of thing. I just want to feel like I'm not alone.

I feel like I'm underwater. I feel like I'm underwater.
Vent/Rant (No Advice/Criticism!)

I'm (23M) a cybersecurity major, have been studying tech for years so this degree I'm on my final year for has been a long time coming. I've had a part time job for about 90% of the time I've been attending, however I've been trying to do projects and stuff on the side to try and boost my chances of actually getting a job. I work 30 hours a week serving tables on top of studying full time so I can save to move out, pay off my debt a lil, and help pay for stuff while I'm still with my parents. I'd move out but I'd have to choose between finishing my degree or rent since I pay a chunk of my tuition out of pocket. My degree is self paced and online so I'm incentivized to study hard to understand and pass classes as fast as I can, yet I feel like my progress is too slow. I study everyday 3-4 hours a day minimum yet lately I don't feel awake enough to feel like I'm absorbing any of it.

I'm tired all the time regardless of sleep or breaks. Between work, studying for classes, and my parents asking for help with things (they've got health conditions), I have zero time for myself besides sleeping and maybe an hour at the gym when I don't work mornings and I wake up early enough. Before I started college I was homeschooled and was a shut in with anxiety and probably depression, taught myself everything from 5th grade until my equivalency at 16. I had hoped that college would make me better and help get me a job I could support myself with, maybe even allow me to build a social life from nothing. Yet here I am almost 5 years later still with no friends, thousands in debt, finishing a degree that might not even let me get an entry level job to pay it all off with and allow myself to stop being a leech on my parents. My original plan was to transfer from a community college to a state university to finish my bachelors, but despite getting accepted with a good GPA, my parents made too much for me to qualify for enough aid to afford tuition at any school my classes would've transferred to. I tried making friends through work but everyone's too busy, I tried making friends online but was just heartbroken and bullied instead, I tried making friends in community college but everyone was busy studying or went away after finals of the class we were in. I haven't had a real friend in over 6 years, no girlfriends either just hookups or fwb with women I had hoped for something more with.

I've grown up seeing my parents live paycheck to paycheck despite making over 6 figures because of overconsumption and bad planning, seeing them decay because they didn't take care of themselves. Nothing scares me more than ending up the same way. My mom cries everyday because of the pain from her nerve conditions, osteoporosis, and a ton of other problems. My dad is showing signs of memory problems and can't lift things too heavy otherwise some stomach muscle problem acts up. Our cat has arthritis and is getting older, our dog is going blind and having seizures. All of this and years of work and I'm still in the same house as I was 5 fucking years ago, and I don't even know if any of this is even worth it anymore. I don't feel like when I inhale any air is coming in, I don't feel like I'm here anymore and don't know what to do besides keep working and I'm scared.