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Daily Discussion - July 15, 2024

Talk about anything, music related or not. However, pop music gossip should be discussed in the Teatime & Trending Topics threads, linked below.

Please be respectful; normal rules still apply. Any comments found breaking the rules will be removed and you will be warned or banned.

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Monthly Recommendation Thread - July 15, 2024

Why is Sweden so prolific in pop music? Why is Sweden so prolific in pop music?

Since the immense success of ABBA, Swedish acts have routinely and consistenly been able to achieve international fame and even break into the US market which is an incredibly tough feat for non English speakers (except maybe for those who cater to a Latino market, and even then), and it's especially surprising for a country that has less inhabitants than North Carolina.

I am aware of the advantages that Sweden has as a wealthy western european country with a very open market, widespread usage of English, and a rich culture. Still it does seem to have an edge compared to other similar countries. The number of French, German, Austrian, Danish or even Dutch artists that achieved such international success beyond their niche and especially in the US seems to be a lot less than those from Sweden. Ace of Base, Roxette, Robyn, Zara Larsson, Swedish House Mafia, not to mention the producing side with the likes of Avicii and Max Martin..what is their deal?

When Featured Artists Ruin Songs When Featured Artists Ruin Songs

A good collaboration appeals to the audiences of all the artists involved while combining each performer’s unique strengths to create a successful song. However, Taylor Swift’s “Karma” remix with Ice Spice was an unnecessary addition to an incredibly well-planned era since a rap verse did not fit the track. Thanks to JoJo Siwa, the piece has escaped the title of the worst release with its name, but not all musicians have a historic transformation on their side. What are some examples of compositions where the featured singer tarnishes its reputation, and what went wrong with the joint effort?

Teatime & Trending Topics - July 15, 2024 Teatime & Trending Topics - July 15, 2024

In this thread, you can discuss today's pop music gossip and trending topics. Acceptable content are rumors, tweets, gossip, and articles that would not be approved as its own post (e.g. not a legitimate news article or a social media post directly from the artist or their PR). Nudity and NSFW content is not accepted. War updates or political news without relation to celebrities is not allowed. Intentionally posting misinformation or "joke" tea is not allowed. Please always try to provide a link to a source or an example. Posts making serious accusations without providing context are subject to removal.

Comments that do not fit under the Tea Time Thread content of celebrity gossip (e.g. personal gossip/stories, music suggestions, thoughts on new music releases, etc.) will be removed and directed to Daily Discussion. Please be respectful - normal rules still apply and any comments found breaking the rules will be removed and you will be warned/banned.

what are the campiest moments of pop music? what are the campiest moments of pop music?

I honestly don't fully understand camp, so hopefully a discussion like this will help me understand.

some examples:

the title of Mariah's album - Me. I am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse. That is LEGENDARY camp.

katy perry has tons in her career, but I think the best example is TGIF the song and especially the music video. the nerd get up? the drastic makover? rebecca BLACK? the gag of that.... katy perry you will always be famous.

jessie ware's free yourself. so brash, so in-your-face, so fabulous. absolute icon for this one.

please list yours too!

What are your favorite spoken interludes? What are your favorite spoken interludes?

Spoken words are non-musical parts of albums which can make them oftentimes disliked. A lot of people come to albums for music, so interludes are unwelcome. Which makes sense they are always the lowest rated songs on albums. But I think a good interlude can add a surprising amount to an album. It’s one of the best ways an album can deliver a direct message in no uncertain terms.

I really liked Not My Responsibility by Billie Eilish from Happier than Ever. Not only is it very thoughtful and pertinent to the themes of the album. But it’s also paired with this complimentary ambient beat which is something I really like when interludes. It means music doesn’t come to a complete stop, but still space is provided for direct messages.

So yeah which interludes do you not skip? (And why)

I Swear I Won't Forget You: Owl City's ‘Ocean Eyes’ Turns 15 I Swear I Won't Forget You: Owl City's ‘Ocean Eyes’ Turns 15

On July 14, 2009, electronica singer-songwriter Adam Young, under his stage name Owl City, released his second full-length album Ocean Eyes. You probably remember the song "Fireflies," which topped the Hot 100 later that year and remains a TikTok presence to this day. However, Ocean Eyes has many more nice tunes to discover.

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Young has stated that a lot of Ocean Eyes was inspired by his own daydreams and fantasies. This is pretty typical of his early work; as an insomniac, he would get images and ideas for songs when he couldn't fall asleep. Some of the songs also have romantic or Christian themes.

When Young began working on the album, he was still an indie artist living in his parents' basement. However, his first two projects (the 2007 EP Of June and 2008 full-length Maybe I'm Dreaming) had gained a lot of traction on social media, and major labels came calling. Ocean Eyes came out just a few months after he signed with Universal Republic, helped along tremendously by the fact that iTunes featured "Fireflies" as a free download. A deluxe version of the album, with many bonus tracks and remixes, was released on January 26, 2010.

Ocean Eyes managed a #8 peak on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the electronic, alternative, and rock album charts. (I laugh at classifying Owl City as "rock," but still).

Notable Tracks

3. Hello Seattle

This is a new version of a song that originally appeared on Of June. This recording has a lighter, fluffier sound, but when it gets to the bridge, it just explodes in pure joy in a way that the old version doesn't.

6. Dental Care

A rare example of Young going slightly macabre.

7. Meteor Shower

An achingly beautiful two-minute spiritual. This would be perfect in the background of a movie.

9. Fireflies

The tweecore anthem for MySpace millennials and anime music videos everywhere.

11. Vanilla Twilight

A beautiful song about moving on after a break-up. Young reassures his ex that, though he misses them, he will always remember them and the time they shared together. The layers and textures in the production here are insane.

Bonus Track: If My Heart Was a House

One of Young's most beautiful love songs, so much so that I had it performed at my wedding ceremony.

Non-Album Track: To the Sky

It's almost a facepalm-worthy decision; they got the Owl City guy for the owl movie. This was a song Young did for the 2010 animated film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. It's very typical Owl City, a jolly track with an acoustic guitar riff to go along with its processed sounds. Honestly, I think it's not quite epic enough for the movie's adventure story, yet by the end, I'm pretty won over by its charm.

Discussion Questions

Owl City is a "love him or hate him" kind of artist. How do you feel about this album? How do you feel it compares to his other work?

What are your favorite tracks on the album?

How do you feel about "Fireflies"? Do you feel it was worthy of a #1 among the pop landscape at the time? Do you feel it represents the album well?