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An official community for announcements from Reddit, Inc. pertaining to moderation.

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The Return of Mod Roadshow!

Hey Mods,

TLDR; Are you a Mod or Mod-curious? You’re invited to the Return of Mod Roadshow.

I’m u/snooseyalose, coming to you as the new Live Events Lead here at Reddit. First up is the Return of the Mod Roadshow with stops in 6 countries through the end of this year. We soft relaunched last Friday evening in Seattle, and are ready to hit the road now, and you’re invited! The rest of the dates are coming up quickly – see below and let us know you’re interested here.

2023 Dates & Cities:

Friday, August 25: Delhi, India

Sunday, August 27: Mumbai, India

Thursday, September 21: Chicago, IL, US

Friday, October 6: London, UK

Saturday, October 7: São Paulo, Brazil

Saturday, October 14: Hamburg, Germany

Saturday, October 14: Washington, DC, US

Friday, October 20: Birmingham, UK

Thursday, October 26: San Francisco, CA, US

Friday, November 17: Paris, FR

Friday, November 24: Lyon, FR

Friday, December 1: Bordeaux, FR

Wednesday, December 6: Denver, CO, US

Who’s Invited?

Any – and all – mods! If you moderate a community on Reddit, whether you’re new to the scene or have years of experience, we want to meet you!

Are you in?

  • Let us know that you’re interested in coming out to any of these dates here.

  • Click on the roadshow stop you’d like to attend and fill out the form to add yourself to the waitlist.

    • Please keep in mind that space is limited and filling out the form does not automatically guarantee entry. We’ll try our best to get everyone in!

  • Then, just hang tight! You’ll receive a DM on Reddit from an Admin a few weeks before the event confirming your spot on the wait list or guest list along with the location and additional details.

Don’t fret if you can’t make these dates/locations or in-person events aren’t your thing. The Mod-community events will be happening year round with more roadshow stops (let us know where we should go here) and virtual opportunities to meet and learn from fellow mods. Hint: Global Mod Summit ‘23, a fully virtual event featuring sessions for new and experienced mods (and everyone in between), will be returning on Saturday December 2, 2023 – so save the date and to tell us what you want to see/hear/do together here!

I’ll be sticking around to answer questions. We’re excited to meet a lot of you IRL very soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s Mod Roadshow?

A: Roadshow stops are casual events that provide a chance for mods to hang out and meet—no presentations, no formal program, no judgments. Admins will be on hand as well. Reddit will provide the food, drinks, and swag and be there to discuss anything that is on your mind about modding/Reddit or honestly, anything. Come make some new connections, inspire cool memories and meet others that share your passion for Reddit and moderating. Check out photos from the soft launch in Seattle!

Q: What can I expect?

A: You can expect to be able to mingle with mods and Admins in a casual environment. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by an Admin, checked in to the event, and we’ll lead you to our private area. Here’s what a Toronto Mod had to say about one of our events last December:

This was an excellent event. It energized and connected our moderators in a way we couldn’t manage online. It strengthened the team for sure. Also felt very appreciated being invited.

-Toronto Mod, December ‘22

Q: Where will the next Mod Roadshow stops be located?

A: 2024 dates will be announced at the Global Mod Summit (12/2/23).

Q: Can I nominate a roadshow city?

A: Yes! Please nominate here. We will take your suggestions into account as we build out future stops.

Q: How can I stay up to date?

A: Join us in r/RedditCommunityEvents for recaps, new city announcements, and more!

Q: How long will the events last?

A: Events will be approximately 2-3 hours in the evening in your local time zone. Specific times and locations will be sent to confirmed guests a few weeks prior to the event.

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Q: What can I expect?

I hope that you can expect unrelenting heckling for your recent behaviors, especially those related to the API.

(I am using the collective "you")

u/ItalianDragon avatar

If Huffman was getting pied live on stream like Anita Bryant was decades ago I'd be so damn happy.

Please keep in mind that [...] filling out the form does not automatically guarantee entry

As if those with dissenting opinions would be invited

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u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

I’ll be sticking around to answer questions.

Yes. But only a few easy ones. Par for the course for Admins.

EDIT: A week later, 4 comments answered by u/snooseyalose, wowww... Such backbreaking work.

u/Ravinac avatar

Four whole questions. Hopefully they get a pay raise for going above and beyond...

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murky angle dime ghost crush erect chunky marry serious hospital this message was mass deleted/edited with

u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

You left off the /s and I'm not sure the Admins can figure out the true meaning of your comment without it.

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Shouldn’t you call it the “landed gentry roadshow”?

u/intergalacticninja avatar

the “landed gentry roadshow”

That sounds like it'll make a good band name or album name.

u/Vio_ avatar

Or a PBS tv show.

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u/TotesMessenger avatar

I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

 If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / ^Contact)

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u/evergreennightmare avatar

"we are taking away the tools many of you use to do your job - among other things - and forcibly suppressing any dissent about it. anyway who wants a pizza party"

u/Unique-Public-8594 avatar

In France.

It’ll be cake in France.

Bordeaux is really beautiful.

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u/mizmoose avatar

Capitalism at its finest! Just like all the big kids do it!

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You've more limited shows in the US than an Iron Maiden tour... wow


Are all the mods you permabanned for doing exactly what you asked (doing what their users wanted) also able to attend?

u/3rdusernameiveused avatar

Naa they should stay banned . Dumb fucks really did a zero job on the protest. It would have been way smarter to leave the app all together in protest. The protest was one of the worst ever

u/rDevilFruitIdeasMod avatar

2 month old account

mod of a 277k sub


I wonder how and why you got your position?

u/3rdusernameiveused avatar

I actually had a previous account that I closed because I was done with arguing about politics and wanted to separate myself from it. But yeah man you so smart. I was also the main mod for r/consoom and I made my point there about this dumb protest the mods tried to do. You guys paid the price for zero movement. You didn’t care about the apps or the features disabled users lost. You cared about power, I saw multiple threads of mods using closed subreddits during the protests , hypocrites all of us

Edit: waaa I see mods crying like they get paid. Seethe more children. It’s a free gig to clean up my favorite subs. Don’t be so serious especially when you guys used your subs during protests.. HYPOCRITES and I ain’t arguing with nobodies on Reddit so enjoy this edit

u/rDevilFruitIdeasMod avatar

I closed my sub for a week. We're a niche community barely 14k strong. What power lol

That's all I could do was to spread the word.

u/EXTSZombiemaster avatar

Power? You're so full of you're self. We're unpaid janitors lol

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u/SmurfyX avatar

If I go will I have the opportunity to be insulted directly to my face by the administration here or will it continue to be done through press

u/enfrozt avatar

A bunch of mods (or landed gentry as they're called by the CEO) who helped build this website for over a decade for free are still permanently banned for peacefully protesting.

This is incredibly insulting.

u/ThePantsThief avatar

I appreciate them at least leaving up the dissenting comments

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Oh, this is the house slaves bit of landed gentry, is it?

u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

Admins really be out here treating mods like House Elves.

Wonder if there’s any socks in the swag package?

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u/h110hawk avatar

Redditor for 16 days? Who is your main. Post there.

u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

With an already obliterated karma score, wonder how much mileage they're going to get out of the snooseyalose account.

Seriously, why don't we know who the admins are? How many there are, what specific roles they play. It's like I never see the same username twice. Another reason mods have full contempt and distrust for Admins. No rapport.

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I love events where everyone is invited, but at a later date you will be told if you're actually accepted or not! Really makes it feel like the invites are for certain users first and only if all those spots aren't taken then maybe you will be accepted.

Like I understand there is a limit size you can host for various reasons, but who gets accepted first? We all know there is going to be some criteria you work your way down on who to invite. Mods who've modded the longest, most subs they mod, most users in those subs, mods without a bad history?

u/Unique-Public-8594 avatar

Feels like a marketing stunt in which the crowd is carefully vetted.

I've been to one of these, they are certainly not vetted.

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I love events where everyone is invited, but at a later date you will be told if you're actually accepted or not!

  1. First half. It is open to anyone to apply..

OP: "and you’re invited!"

to apply (As they specified later in the post)..

2. Second half.

OP: ".. if you can’t make these dates/locations.. The Mod-community events will be happening year round with more roadshow stops (let us know where we should go here)"

They're doing more shows.. And are even asking on community feedback to see where to go next.
Want to go, but can't make it to any of these locations?
Suggest it.. instead of criticizing without any constructiveness..

Really makes it feel like the invites are for certain users first and only if all those spots aren't taken then maybe you will be accepted.
Like I understand there is a limit size you can host for various reasons,but who gets accepted first?
We all know there is going to be some criteria you work your way down on who to invite.

Feelings aside, is.. this not what you do when you host an event?

But I do feel like something such as this needs a few more weeks "notice" of acceptance or not.
For ex: If I wanted to go to my nearest one, I'd easily have to plan it out months in advanced, not weeks.

Lastly, I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate for this last line, but.. To all who are being rude to OP..

(NOT directed to you u/2xBAKEDPOTOOOOOOOO)

Can those that are being unnecessarily rude to OP actually take a moment to remember that:

The people who are making these Admin post

are just that..


Whether or not they agree with the decisions of the company in recent times is not for any one person here to determine.

You don't know how they feel about recent events, don't try and assume.

So remind me why everyone feels the need to criticize ALL the Admins.
Keyword: "ALL"
Perhaps the person who made this post, had no part of any of the planning, invite criteria, ect, they could just simply the spokesperson of the event, just relaying details in an easy to digest, well formatted manner..
Maybe that's what their job is? 🤷‍♀

Recent personal events that happened to me, kinda got me thinking about how we are all human and unfair punishment based on assumptions isn't cool.

All your emphasis



is tacky and annoying. Grow up.


It's text.



Maybe you'll grow up one day.

edit: D'aww he blocked me, how cute.

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u/itskdog avatar

However, the only ways we can really keep pushing for fair treatment is to keep pushing at every opportunity, and calling out suspect behaviour when it's seen.

Comments on admin posts have been used for general criticism on the whole in the past, why should that change?

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u/trebory6 avatar

I really hope that the time and location of each event gets leaked.

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u/Mr_Blah1 avatar

Nobody cares about this performative nonsense. When is the return of reddit gold and reasonable API prices scheduled for?

u/itskdog avatar

Londoner here - Friday's a bad time unless it's in the evening, but times haven't been specified (and yes, I've clicked on the link to the London page from your post above and that doesn't show either).

Also London's a pretty big place, so having the location "TBD" isn't helpful as if it's a venue on my end of London I'd consider, but if it's the other side of Central London then it's a long tube ride to get there and back which I don't want to do after a long day at work.

You know we're unpaid volunteers (by your own demands in the User Agreement) with real life jobs, right?

Lol, why would anyone want to go to an event like this? 😂

u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

Why would anyone want to be treated the way the greedy goblins who own this website have treated it, and its users the past few years. It really feels like anyone genuine left in charge has checked out.


pot absurd slap frame nail lavish smile summer spark psychotic this message was mass deleted/edited with

u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

I get the spirit of what you're saying, and it's probably not even worth splitting hairs over minutia. But I'll just point out that being greedy doesn't guarantee you wealth. You can be greedy and incompetent, and run your business into the ground that way.

And often greed breeds incompetence, as focusing your energy on the money rarely leaves energy for competence.

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To get the formal front which is executility for moderate administration to agree and disagree with aspects of the platform success in virtual families branches. The funding and exchange in ideas and structures of some sort. All fees handled by generous sponsorship in achievement and programs reaching out to train our team?

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u/globalvarsonly avatar

fcuk u/sepz

u/CaptainPedge avatar

Not even if you paid me

How emberassed are you when you post here?

You know everyone here hates you and wants you to get fired and just never work in tech again right?

u/Dan-68 avatar

No Texas?

u/whoisniko avatar


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u/rDevilFruitIdeasMod avatar

This will be cringe for sure. Just cancel it. Nobody wants or asked.

u/trebory6 avatar

Awesome, we get to meet the scabs and pushovers.

u/ThePantsThief avatar

Put me back as the top mod of r/iOSProgramming and I'll consider it

will you pay for travel and lodging? if so, Germany seems fun. otherwise lmao I'll pass.

(I know the answer, I'm just being bitchy)

u/Neither-Phone-7264 avatar


How do you miss NYC? Do you know how many of us are on this site?

u/nuggetsofchicken avatar

Or Los Angeles? Why are THREE in France?


Exactly live in LA and I don’t have the means or money to travel SF is too far for me and I am disabled severely. I can’t drive up to SF exactly. If it’s in LA I would love to go. Was doing blind surveys on my other account and am modding a very small typological sub at the moment.

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Shut up

u/lordxi avatar

This seems like a brilliant plan.

Will the useless leader be appearing at any of these events?

Neckbeard convention

The thinly veiled attempt at trying to placate the mods. Come on now. I know you guys can't be that out of touch, right? First the r/place that was purely a PR stunt to prove engagement for your API...then banning mods that helped get your website to where it is FOR FREE while your dense boss calls us all "landed gentry".

I hope you and your team are prepared to field LOTS of questions from pissed off mods.

this is just the reddit version of an employee pizza party to keep them placated and not looking for other work or demanding raises.

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Comment deleted by user

Hey, thanks for the heads up! We've gone ahead and made that change.



Will u/Spez be there

smash tournaments are about to have a run for their money for the "worst smelling event 2023" award.


Comment deleted by user

Mine as well, and I saw someone on the discord say the same. I assume it's normal, but that wording could use some clarification!

Thanks for letting us know! You’re totally right – that wording is confusing and it shouldn’t say “No”. It’s meant to indicate that you’re on the waitlist. We’ve updated it on our end for future confirmations. Once we've confirmed your spot you'll receive a PM from us with all the details.

Super excited about the return of Mod Roadshow to meet fellow mods and admins!

I missed the last one because I was ill :(

I will be in Paris and would love to attend (I just signed up for the Paris event)!

Awww no sweat my fellow Redditor friend, we haven’t forgotten about you, I hope the sickness wasn’t too bad, I wish you all the best my friend and looking forward to seeing you again, nobody is left behind when it comes to me.


Awww pas de sueur mon ami Redditor, nous ne t’avons pas oublié, j’espère que la maladie n’était pas trop mauvaise, je te souhaite tout le meilleur mon ami et j’ai hâte de te revoir, personne n’est laissé pour compte quand il s’agit de moi.

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Just applied, am I too late? I came to the original in London back in the day

u/BelleAriel avatar

I will not be able to make any roadshows as they’re quite far however I want to wish everyone that attends has a great time.

We'd love to see you (and everyone) at the Mod Summit in December! That one will be virtual, stay tuned for more info!

We're planning to continue IRL roadshows throughout next year - If you fill out the city form maybe we can get closer to your location in 2024. :)

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u/Obliterous avatar

So.... When's the next Seattle meet-up? Even if its not official, I'd enjoy seeing mot of y'all again. ;)


u/Mathias_Greyjoy avatar

Exciting huh? Your first ever comment, on an account the same age as snooseyalose's account? As well as being a moderator of r/RedditCommunityEvents...

Do you guys think we are imbeciles? Do you not get that moderators know how this site is run, and how alt accounts work? It's kind of our job to know...

u/PermissionRare2732 avatar

Hello, it seems like this is your first comment and no post, and you are already a moderator of r/RedditCommunityEvents while your account being 16 days old, the same age as u/snooseyalose's account. Coincidence? Or are you the same person?

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By coincidence i will be in a city at the date of an event.

But the interest form doesn't work right now (I'm clicking submit, nothing happens)

I was on the list for a previous roadshow and wasn't able to make it. Very much hoping to get the chance this time.

I was on the list for a previous roadshow and wasn't able to make it. Very much hoping to get the chance this time.


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u/3rdusernameiveused avatar

Mods crying in here is just pure entertainment 😂😂.

Of course the one weekend I’m NOT in Washington DC and travel is when the mod meet up is 🫠

How about Houston TX. Then I'll be there.

u/soggyfritter avatar


The one in SF is two days after I leave on vacation, dammit.

Yes, having the only midwest location be in Denver Colorado in the middle of winter is a great idea. /s

Would love to attend, but I’ll pass. Driving from Montana to Colorado in the snow is just asking to die in a car crash and I don’t want my loved ones to have to tell people I was on the way to a Reddit Mod meetup.

Props to the French team for hosting an awesome event in Paris! Great to chat with Admins and fellow Mods about the future of Reddit!