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Buy/Sell/Promote/Trade Thread

July CAL Megathread

B – I – NGO, B – I – NGO, B – I – NGO, and Nicky was the Name-o.

That’s right crocheters, we have another winner for our Crochet Along. The Farmers Market bag from the Jewels and Jones site. With this pattern, you will be able to carry your fresh produce and other bric-a-brac that can be found at your local farmer’s market. In this way, I am fortunate, I can literally walk around the corner and purchase mine directly from the farmer and this will be perfect to carry my choices back home. I know many aren’t as fortunate and have to travel, and what makes these bags great is the thicker handles which make it easy to hang so it doesn’t roll around and bruise your fruits and veggies.

I have looked through the Jewels and Jones site, and there is a ton of resources to take advantage of here. They have free patterns, as well as tutorials for the different stitches you may encounter in their patterns. Have a look and toss them some cabbage for their effort.

Thanks, /u/CroFishCrafter


Please be mindful of those who do not want to participate by keeping all CAL-related posts here in this megathread. This includes project updates, questions, and finished objects. Please doesn't hesitate to join us even if you are newer to crochet or have never tried this type of crochet. There will be a lot of people making it, so we can help you along if at any point, you get stuck.

August CAL voting will begin in the last 7ish days of this month. If you would like to suggest a pattern or a theme for August please message /u/CroFishCrafter or /u/LifeByIkea directly or post your suggestions below. We are having internal talks about what the future of the CAL will look like.

We are excited to crochet with you!

Conflicted on what to do with unfinished baby blanket Conflicted on what to do with unfinished baby blanket
Sensitive Content


TW: pregnancy loss

I recently found out that my pregnancy has stopped developing and I am waiting for it to pass. I had started in on a baby blanket and feel conflicted on what to do with it. The yarn is acrylic, which I learned after I started it is probably not the best material for a baby anyways. I think at this point I know I don't want to finish it, but I don't know what to do with it. I don't necessarily want to bury it, because that's introducing plastic into the environment, and same thing with burning it -- it'd melt instead of turning to ash.

Has anyone else gone through something similar? I don't want to keep it but I don't know how to symbolically let it go.