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  • Weekly "What's Good?" Thread - Casual Recs/Comments/Questions

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  • Weekly Shoutout Thread - What Was Good This Week?

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  • Indienne is great. Easy to see why it has a Michelin star. Indienne is great. Easy to see why it has a Michelin star.

    Indienne has only a tasting menu, but with advance notice they accommodated a true celiac. They have a vegetarian menu as well and our waiter said they could swap courses, so presumably they could also accommodate a seafood allergy.

    The cocktail list is balanced equally between alcohol and non-alcohol. I opted for the Spicy Guava Spritz and am now trying to replicate it at home. The bartender had a free moment and was generous in his explanation of the flavors. That probably gives away my anonymity. One of my friends had the gin cart and had the pickled mango with Yuzu flavored gin. They use Feverfew tonic water, FYI.

    I praise the food and presentation, but the waiter told us that the menu would be changing this week. The items that come as a "bubble"-for us the pani puri at the appetizer position and the mango tartlet as part of dessert. These are a single bite, intense mouthy pleasure. I hope they keep those (picture this lady with her nose pressed to the front door, going please please please like a puppy looking for a treat).

    For the record, my favorite was the grilled scallop course and the lentil donut, which doesn't begin to describe what it looks like or what it tastes like. Just let me say that good manners forbade me asking for "More, please".

    Faults: we ordered the crab supplement entrée. It was not as good as the regular dishes, but presumably will be gone with the menu change. Also, bring a sweater or a wrap, as the air-conditioning was blowing on one of our party strong enough that we switched seats. And maybe if they turned down the music a smidge. But these are minor quibbles, easily fixed.

    One heads up. Two of us ha drinks at the bar as we were waiting and to keep our bar bill separate. The check at the bar added not only the ubiquitous service fee but also a 20% tip. For one person. I would have tipped that much anyway, both for the quality of the drinks and the service, but I felt a tad coerced.

    To end on a high note. The prix fixe menu was $125, a veritable bargain, and the bar cocktails were in the $12-14 range. And, they iron the table cloths when resetting a table. Cool!!

    I will go again.

    Looking for a Replacement Vegetarian Burger Looking for a Replacement Vegetarian Burger

    Hi all!

    I used to love the Beet Burger from Ground Control in Humboldt Park. I’ve been a vegetarian for a really long time, and this is maybe the best burger I’ve ever had. They closed last year and broke my heart.

    I’ve been eating a lot of the lentil burger from The Butcher and the Burger and while it is good, it’s not the beet burger.

    So slap down some suggestions! Here are my criteria:

    • No meat, obviously

    • No meat substitutes (i.e. the impossible burger) because I just don’t like them

    • If it could not disintegrate immediately that would be cool

    I am open to all sorts of toppings, buns, and burger materials, I just need something that is that good again.

    Coolest Italian cafes, sandwich shops and pizzerias Coolest Italian cafes, sandwich shops and pizzerias

    Hello Chicagoans! I will be spending a few days in your city for the first time ever in early August. I am an aspiring restaurateur who wants to open a cool Italian concept in Charleston, SC with sandwiches, coffee and pizza (Chicago or New York style or maybe both).

    What are the coolest spots in town that fit under this description? Preferably downtown but can travel a bit. Thanks in advance for your recs!

    Best lunch and cocktails for solo guy? Best lunch and cocktails for solo guy?

    Hey folks. I appreciate the help, first and foremost. But I have been to Chicago a handful of times because of my wife's job, and I'll be going this weekend. I usually have one day to myself and I'd like some help deciding where to eat.

    Ideally, I would like a bar to sit at, by myself, and have a delicious cocktail, followed by a delicious lunch. One of those places that you could sit at the bar and spend an hour-hour and a half. The last time I did this it was Gibson's, and I had 3 old fashioned's and a steak. It was great. Seeking similar.

    EDIT: I'll be in the RIVER NORTH area.

    First date spot. Sparrow, j Parker, avec rooftop? First date spot. Sparrow, j Parker, avec rooftop?

    Need some help please!! I have a first date. Looking for something not overly romantic/fancy, but still intimate. Also would like it if it was quiet enough for talking. Gold Coast, River north, old town only.

    Looking for recs on a first date for drinks only during a weekday. I’ve been avec rooftop on a first date and I really liked it for a weekday. The girl I’m going with this time has already been there so I thought we can go somewhere new.

    I’ve seen J Parker reviews and it seems very mixed. Some say it’s a good spot, others say it’s not. Will it be quiet on Wednesday or Thursday??

    I really liked sparrow. Went there on a 2nd date and it was really nice. But I’m curious if a girls perspective if it’s too fancy for first date.

    Thanks in advance!! Dating is tough out here so I appreciate the help!

    Restaurant I went to in 2014 Restaurant I went to in 2014

    This might be a long shot but im looking for a restaurant I went to with my dad in 2014 but can’t remember the name 😔 We randomly stopped there and I had a torta hawaiana, it was soo good, I been craving it for 10 years now. I think the place had a logo that was a jalapeño in a sombrero painted on the side of the building. The place was pretty big but it was hidden, the kitchen area was open and you could see them making pozole or tortillas. It was in the heart of chicago area where all the wholesale stores are located.

    Weekly Shoutout Thread - What Was Good This Week?