YouTube Data API Services - Change of Control Form

If you, or any party operating your API Client(s) on your behalf, experience a change of control (for example, through a stock purchase or sale, merger or other form of corporate transaction), please fill out this form. YouTube will review the completed form and if it is not approved within 45 calendar days after the change of control, your Project ID will automatically terminate.

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API Client Information

An "API Client" is your website or software application that accesses or uses YouTube API Services.

The project number is a series of digits that can be found alongside the Project ID in your Google Cloud Console. Please comma separate the project numbers without additional spaces
A project number must contain exclusively numeric values
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Change of Control Information

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Some account and system information will be sent to Google, and support calls and chats may be recorded. We will use this information to improve support quality and training, to help address technical issues, and to improve our products and services, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Translation services may be used in chats and email.
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