Migrate from Brand Account user access to channel permissions

A Brand Account is a Google account for your business or brand that’s available for some Google services. If your YouTube channel is linked to a Brand Account, multiple people can manage it from their Google Accounts.

Channel permissions provide you the ability to give other users access to your channel via specific roles. Designating roles allows you to choose the correct level of access. Migrate to channel permissions to prevent security risks such as password sharing and minimize other privacy concerns.

Use channel permissions in YouTube Studio with a Brand Account

To note before moving to channel permissions:

  • Brand Account user access will no longer apply to the channel and you no longer need to manage Brand Account roles. Channel permissions access is managed exclusively through YouTube Studio.
  • Existing Brand Account users will be copied into channel permissions. First, you must manually set the permissions level and send the invite.
  • People you’ve invited to manage your channel can manage your channel directly on YouTube and in YouTube Studio on both computer and mobile. They can’t manage via YouTube APIs.

Opt into channel permissions

The primary owner of the Brand Account can decide to use channel permissions in YouTube Studio or directly on YouTube.

Before you continue, confirm that you already have a Brand Account.

  1. Go to studio.youtube.com. You must sign in as the primary owner of the Brand Account to have the option to opt into permissions.
  2. On the left-hand side, click Settings.
  3. Click Permissions.
  4. Click Move Permissions.
  5. Click Invite.
  6. Fill out the Email and Access fields for each new user.
  7. Click Save. You may be prompted to verify your account to save changes.
    • Each invited user will receive an email to accept the invite.
    • Each new user will now show in Studio Permissions.

Opt out of channel permissions

Only opt out of channel permissions if you need to complete a channel transfer.

To opt out, select “Opt out of permissions in YouTube Studio” under YouTube Studio's Settings and then Permissions.

Note: If a channel owner revokes delegate access to an OAC, you will get an email alert for access changes.

Supported features

Channel permissions allow granular levels of access, unlike Brand Account roles.

Category Access level / Public actions Brand Accounts Channel permissions
YT Studio on a computer YT Studio app YouTube
Granular permission control Manager role Yes    
Editor role No      
Editor (Limited) role No         
Viewer only role No      
Viewer (Limited) role No
Subtitle Editor role No
Video management Upload videos / Shorts Yes    
Create Shorts Yes   
Understand video performance in YouTube Analytics or Artist Analytics, including in Artist Roster View Yes            
Manage videos (metadata, monetization, visibility) Yes
Create a playlist Yes  
Add a video to an existing public playlist Yes      
Manage playlists Yes   
Live stream as the channel Yes
Captions, private video sharing Yes
Mobile uploads Yes    
Channel management Customize / manage the channel homepage Yes         
Community engagement Create a post Yes
Manage Community posts Yes  
Delete Community posts Yes [Manager only] [Manager only]
Reply to comments as the channel from YouTube Studio Yes
Comment and interact with comments on another channel's videos as the channel Yes
Use Live Chat as the channel from Live Control Room Yes
Artists specific Official Artist Channel features (for example, concerts) Yes

Channel permissions & Brand Account delegation limitations

Channel permissions limitations


  • No limitations. Can take actions like deleting the channel, plus managing live streams and live chat
  • Can't transfer ownership to other users


  • Can’t delete channel, but can delete draft videos


  • Can’t delete scheduled/live/completed streams

Editor (Limited)

  • Same permissions as editor, except can’t access revenue data (includes chat revenue and viewer activity tab)


  • Can’t access the stream key
  • Can’t edit stream settings/metadata
  • Can’t go live or end streams
  • Can’t delete scheduled/live/completed streams
  • Can’t chat or moderate chat within Live Control Room

Viewer (Limited)

  • Same permissions as viewer, except can’t access revenue data (includes chat revenue and viewer activity tab)

Brand Account limitations

Primary Owner

  • No limitations
  • No limitations


  • Can’t join or leave an MCN
  • Can’t invite other users
  • Can’t transfer the channel, or have it transferred to them (except by the primary owner)
  • Can’t delete the channel
  • Can’t make a purchase
Communications Manager
  • Can’t take any actions on YouTube

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