Learn about High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos

With High Dynamic Range (HDR), you can capture photos with more details that are closer to what the human eye perceives in the real world. This level of detail may not be possible in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) photos. HDR photos capture more of the details within the darkest darks and brightest brights to create photos that are more authentic.

To display photos in HDR, you need a compatible device. HDR photos are possible on displays with more than 1000 nits of brightness. Check your device specifications for compatibility.

Important: Google Photos supports Ultra HDR image format.

Display your photos in HDR

Important: If your featured memories are available in HDR, they’ll be displayed in HDR in the featured memories carousel at the top of your screen. Learn more about featured memories.

In the main photos grid, all photos and videos show as thumbnails in SDR. To display photos taken with HDR in full detail:

  1. On your computer, open photos.google.com.
  2. Click the photo you want.

Tip: Some photos will still display in SDR. Understand why some images don’t display in HDR.

Learn more about HDR photos

Understand why some images don’t display in HDR
  • Photos taken in SDR always display in SDR.
  • If your device and screen don’t support HDR, these images will display in SDR.

Tip: If your photo looks different on web than other devices, try to turn on the HDR setting in your system display settings.

Know how backup works for HDR photos
From your computer, you can back up HDR photos. Backed up photos preserve HDR settings for all types of backup quality. Learn how to back up photos and videos.
Learn what happens when you edit HDR photos

If you edit an HDR photo, the photo may stay in HDR when you save your edits.

Tip: Only some edits to HDR photos are supported. If an edit causes a photo to lose HDR settings, edited HDR photos will be saved as SDR.

Learn how to edit your photos.

Learn what happens to HDR photos in creations like highlight videos

If you select a mix of HDR and SDR photos or videos:

  • The highlight video editor displays and uses your selections as SDR.
  • The highlight video saves as SDR.

Tip: Some creations aren’t available in HDR. Learn more about creations.

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