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Ring your phone, tablet, or accessory with a Google Nest device

Never lose your device again. You can ask your Assistant-enabled Google Nest device to ring your Android phone, iPhone, tablet, or any accessory compatible with Find My Device Network.

What you need

To use this feature, you’ll need an Assistant-enabled Google Nest device, like a Google Nest speaker or display or Nest Wifi router or point.

Make sure your Android phone, tablet, and compatible accessory:

  • Has power
  • Is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Is signed in to a Google Account
  • Has Find My Device turned on
  • Is visible on Google Play

If you use 2-Step Verification, go to 2-Step Verification backups.

Important: Accessories need to be findable using Find My Device Network.

Ring your Android phone or accessory with a Nest speaker or display

  1. Set up Find My Device

    Before you can use this feature, you need to set up Find My Device for your phone or accessories. Learn how to be ready to find a lost Android device.
  2. Link your Google Account and set up Voice Match on your Google Nest device

    If multiple people use the same Assistant-enabled Google Nest device, everyone who wants to ring a lost device must link their Google Account and set up Voice Match, even the person who set it up.

    If you're the only person who uses the Assistant-enabled Google Nest device, or you've already linked your Google Account and voice, skip this step.

    1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
    2. Tap Settings  and then Google Assistant and then Voice Match.
    3. The app will show you all devices that support Voice Match. Tap a device to enable or disable Voice Match.
      • If you don’t have any devices with Voice Match enabled, tap Get started and follow the in-app steps.
      • To turn on Voice Match automatically for new devices in the same home, turn on Devices you add later.

Find your Android phone, tablet, or compatible accessory

Say "Hey Google, find my Pixel" or “ring my headphones” and your Google Assistant should ring your device, even if it's set to Do not disturb mode.

Note: If you have multiple devices, you need to be specific on which device needs to be notified. Otherwise, it may ring a different device. Instead of saying “Hey Google, find my phone,” try saying:

  • “Hey Google, find my Pixel.”
  • “Hey Google, find my Pixel Buds.”

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