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आपने जिस पेज का अनुरोध किया है वह फ़िलहाल आपकी भाषा में उपलब्ध नहीं है. पेज के निचले हिस्से से कोई दूसरी भाषा चुनी जा सकती है. इसके अलावा, किसी भी वेबपेज का अपनी पसंदीदा भाषा में झटपट अनुवाद भी किया जा सकता है. इसके लिए, आपको Google Chrome की पहले से मौजूद अनुवाद करने की सुविधा का इस्तेमाल करना होगा.

Explore what you can do with Google Nest or Home devices

Google Nest or Home speakers or displays make life easier with features that let you use your voice to play media, manage your tasks, plan your day, and much more.

Watch or listen to media

Voice Match — Share your speakers or displays with family and friends. Link your Google Account and voice to your speaker or display to get personalized info.

Music — Play music from popular music services by artist, song, genre, album, playlist, mood or activity.

News — Get the latest news from sources you trust.

Watch news — Watch the news on any voice-supported TV with Chromecast or Google Cast.

Podcasts — Listen to popular podcasts.

Radio — Listen to popular radio stations.

Relax — Listen to soothing ambient sounds.

Bluetooth — Play your stored music using Bluetooth.

Control TVs and speakers

Play TV shows and movies — Stream video content to any TV that has Chromecast plugged in or Google Cast.

Play YouTube videos on TVs — Initiate and control YouTube videos to any TV that works with Chromecast or Google Cast.
using only your voice.

Play audio on speakers and TVs — Stream audio to any speaker that has Chromecast Audio plugged in or devices that work with Google Cast.

Speaker groups — Group any combination of speakers, displays, supported Chromecast devices, and more for synchronous music throughout the home. For a complete list of supported devices, go to Create and manage speaker groups.

Play audio from your phone to the speaker or display — Play audio from your phone to your speaker or display by casting from 100+ Chromecast-enabled audio apps, playing your Android Audio, or connecting via Bluetooth.

Turn TV on and off — You can turn your TV on and off using your voice and your speaker or display.

Play YouTube TV — Learn how to set up and use YouTube TV with your speaker or display.

Get your weather forecast on your TV — Get your current weather and forecast on your TV with your Google Assistant and Chromecast.

Plan your day

Good morning Routine — Get a curated daily snippet that includes weather, calendar, commute, reminders and news.

Traffic — Ask for traffic and travel times when you drive, walk or bike.

Local guide — Search for local places and ask for additional information.

Weather — Ask for current weather or forecasts for the week for your home location or any other location.

Calendar — Ask about an event or get your schedule for the day from Google Calendar.

Flight information — Get status updates on upcoming flights.

Get things done

Make calls — Call friends, family, and businesses using just your voice and your speaker or display.

Shortcuts — Create faster, easier ways to do your favorite things with your Google Assistant.

Tasks — You can set, ask about and delete tasks on your speaker or display.

Send information from your speaker or display to your phone — Your Google Assistant can send information from your speaker or display to your phone.

Find your phone with your Google Assistant — Never lose your phone again. You can ask your Google Assistant to ring or call your phone.

Ask your Assistant to remember things — Get a little help from your Assistant to remember things.

Broadcast voice messages to your speaker or display — Send a message to everyone in your home on all of your speakers or displays.

Manage tasks

Timer — Set and manage a timer for cooking, game time, laundry, and even sleep.

Alarms — Never run late or miss a flight or meeting. You can set and manage alarms with just your voice.

Get answers

Facts and info — Ask Google what you want to know.

Finance — Ask about current individual stock prices or current points of an index, like the NASDAQ.

Sports — Ask for scores, live updates, or next game date, location, and time.

Calculator — Perform complicated calculations.

Translation — Get translations for words or phrases in supported languages.

Unit conversions — Get unit conversions.

Nutrition — Get nutrition information for ingredients or food.

Dictionary — Get definitions and spellings for words.

Control your home

Control your smart home devices — Control supported smart home devices like thermostats, plugs, lights, and more.

Automate your home — Set up Routines that adjust your smart devices automatically to the settings you want. Routines can start with a custom voice command, at a specific time, when someone comes home, and more. For additional options, create advanced home automations with the script editor.

If this, then that (IFTTT) — Control countless online services and third-party smart devices that aren't directly integrated.

Stream your security camera — Keep an eye on what matters when you stream your security camera on your TV using your speaker or display and Chromecast or a TV that works with Google Cast.

Doorbell — Hear when someone's at your door or stream your video doorbell on your TV using Chromecast or a TV that works with Google Cast.

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