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Get stock market and finance information

With Google Nest or Home speaker or display, you can get information on your individual stocks and portfolio, as well as stay on top of the global market and economy.

Ask for stock and market updates

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then: What your speaker or display will say or do:

Get info about an individual stock

"What is [company name] trading at?"

The current price of [company name] stock

The day's gain or loss for that stock

Get info about an index

"What is the S&P 500 trading at?"

The current price of the index

The day's gain or loss for that stock

Get info about market health "How are the markets doing?" Summarize major indices

Get info about stock price:

  • Before market opened
  • At opening
  • At close
  • After hours

"What was [name of stock] premarket price?"
"What did [name of stock] open at?"
"What did [name of stock] close at?"
"What is [name of stock]'s after hour's price?"

Note: You can use the ticker symbol or company name.

The company's stock price information

Get info about market cap of company "What is the market cap of [company name]?" The company's market cap

Fix problems

If your speaker or display doesn't provide the information you requested, be more specific with your request.

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