Cancel your Google Fi service

You can cancel your Google Fi service at any time. There are no termination fees.

After you cancel, you can reactivate your Google Fi service. If you don’t want to cancel your service permanently, you can stop your Google Fi service temporarily.

If you're part of a group plan, before you can start the cancellation process, you have to leave or remove members.

If you finance your device with Google Fi, you're charged the full balance when you close your account.

To get your port-out number and PIN, you must go through the cancellation flow.

For groups, each member must get their own port-out information.

Keep in mind before you cancel

Transfer your number to a new carrier

You have Google Fi service until your number is active with your new carrier, if you choose to transfer your number to a new carrier.

Important: Number transfer information is case-sensitive. Enter the name and service address as they show up on your Google Fi account.

  1. Cancel your Google Fi service.
  2. You get your port-out number and PIN.
    • Until your number transfer completes, your Google Fi services continue.
    • If unused, your port-out parameters will expire after 14 days.
    • To complete the number transfer, you need to regenerate them.
  3. Give your new carrier your port-out info. If they ask for your name and address, use the name on your Google Account and your Google Fi service address.
  4. Your new carrier confirms your information with Google Fi.
  5. After your new carrier activates your number, your Google Fi service stops. Activation usually takes less than 24 hours.
    • To find past bills and other details up until your account closes, sign in to your Google Fi account.
Keep or return your phone

Within 15 days of receiving your phone

If you bought your phone through Google Fi and it’s been 15 days or less since you received it, you can return your phone for a refund.

Over 15 days since you received your phone

If it’s been more than 15 days since you received your phone, you can no longer return it.

If you’re signed up for monthly payments on your phone, you must pay the remaining balance. You’ll find this balance on your next statement after you cancel and it’ll be charged to the payment card on your account.

Use your phone with other carriers

Your phone isn't locked to Google Fi. You can use it with another carrier after you cancel your service. You get instructions on how to use your phone with other carriers during the cancellation process.

Settle an overdue balance

An overdue balance is an amount that you owe from a billing cycle before you cancel. If you have an overdue balance, you must pay the remaining balance in full before you can cancel your Google Fi service. Learn how to pay for your phone with monthly installments.

If your account has an overdue balance and you want to port out your number, contact Google Fi support.

Google One & YouTube Premium after Google Fi service cancellation

When you cancel your Google Fi Unlimited Plus service, you lose access to:

  • Your Google One benefits 7 days after your Google Fi service ends
  • YouTube Premium

You can prevent a service interruption when you pay for your benefits directly through Google One or YouTube.

Close your Google Fi account

  1. Open the Google Fi app Fi or website.
  2. In the "Home" tab, select Manage plan.
  3. Select Leave Google Fi and follow the on-screen instructions.

Learn how to cancel your Google Fi service on Android or iPhone.

After you close your Google Fi account, you can:

To cancel a deceased subscriber's service, contact Google Fi support.

Understand your final bills

For single member plans, after you cancel your service, you may get up to 2 more bills to close out your charges.

For group plan owners, after your last member leaves, you may receive up to 2 more bills to close out your group’s charges. Group plan members have 60 days to leave the plan, which delays the closing for the owner.

After you cancel your service, you can still check your bill and other details if you sign in to your account. If you have outstanding balances on your second bill, you get a refund on your primary payment card. Depending on international usage, it can take 60–90 days for billing and refunds to complete. Service credits are non-refundable.

At the end of your last active billing cycle, your first statement won't show a balance for your monthly data budget under "Standard monthly charges."

Understand your Flexible plan
If you cancel your Google Fi service before the end of your Flexible plan's billing cycle, you get a credit for any days remaining in a second bill 30 days later. This statement can include charges for international usage, which take longer to show up.
Understand your Unlimited Plus plan & Simply Unlimited plan

If you cancel your Google Fi service before the end of your Unlimited plan's billing cycle:

  • You’re charged the full amount of the billing cycle when you discontinue your service.
  • You get a second bill sent 30 days later that can include charges for international use, which take longer to show up.

Troubleshoot cancellations

Can't transfer your Google Voice number

If you can’t transfer your Google Voice number, it’s likely that Google Voice doesn't support numbers in the area. Learn how to transfer your Google Voice number.

The number availability of Google Voice changes often, so even if your number was on Google Voice before, it can’t always be transferred back. If you want to keep your number, you can transfer it to another carrier that supports it.

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