Rebirth conversion quests

Rebirth -> Legendary Rebirth and Legendary Rebirth -> Rebirth quests have been added to Wisp NPC in /join battleon

Posted on 2022-01-04 09:36:56

Reaper Class is back and skidwish is now available!

Reaper class is now farmable, join faroff and click class shop in sir Alden NPC to obtain it.

Skidwish season has started! Anyone who purchases the Oil Sheikh package at the store using paypal or
bitcoin will be granted an item of their choice.
God tier classes are available too, open a ticket on our discord to choose the item you want!

Posted on 2021-12-30 08:41:44

Upcoming changes

Before the 31st the following changes will be made:

- Skidwish ticket will be farmable
- Reaper will be farmable
- Mining event

On a side note, drop rates are x2 for today!

Posted on 2021-12-28 16:52:37

Biweekly Gear shop update

Shop is located in /battleon (Angie's NPC) 
This shop will be updated every 2 weeks!

Posted on 2021-12-26 21:59:55

High rates for christmas!

From the 24th up until the 26th of december the following rates will be in place:

Experience: x5
Gold: x3
Coins: x3
Drop: x3

Posted on 2021-12-21 13:23:48

Christmas pets!

Added christmas pets at aria's pet shop 
/join ariapet

Posted on 2021-12-21 13:08:00