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Reddit Recap

Let's take a walk down memory lane together.

What is Reddit Recap?

Reddit Recap is an annual personalized experience that aims to give users a unique and entertaining way to look back at all of the memorable times they’ve spent on the platform. 
You may see fun cards that include statistics on your activity like time spent on the platform, content users have engaged with, communities joined, distance scrolled in terms of bananas, etc. 

When will the next Reddit Recap launch?

Stay tuned!

Where can I celebrate the next Reddit Recap or give feedback?

On Reddit, of course! Please consider joining the r/Recap community.

Where can I see my Reddit Recap? 

You will be notified in the app once your Reddit Recap is available.

Slight rewind to last year


Major rewind back to 2021

Major rewind back to 2021


Major rewind back to 2021

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