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There is a place for everyone

Reddit place full canvas
Feeling creative? Feeling collaborative? We've got just the thing for you to create some pixel-perfect magic on Reddit.


What is r/place?

r/place is a community on Reddit that is run by Reddit admins (employees of Reddit) that activates during our r/place campaign! We’d describe it as a collaborative and community-inspired and community-driven piece of art.
In fact, the community's description is apt: 

r/place description mobile

What can I do with r/place as a moderator?

All users (including moderators) can place a pixel in r/place, but as the moderator you can also harness the power of your community to bring your members together to coordinate on a design. 

How can I get involved in r/place / When will it next open? 

r/place is not open year round. Stay tuned for the next time it opens!

What happened on r/place in 2023?


What happened on r/place in 2022?

What happened on r/place in 2022?


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