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Coming to a city near you

Reddit’s Mod Roadshow is a unique opportunity to meet other local moderators and Reddit admins.

Mod Roadshow


What is Mod Roadshow?

Roadshow stops are in-real life casual events put on by Reddit that provide a chance for mods to hang out and meet—no presentations, no formal program, no judgments. Admins are in attendance as well. Reddit will provide the food, drinks, and swag and be there to discuss anything that is on your mind, whether it’s thoughts about the modding experience, your favorite cat community, or well, anything.

What will we do at Mod Roadshow?

Come create some new connections, make good memories, and meet others that share your passion for Reddit and moderating. 

We have done fun activities with mods including ping pong, darts, board games, puzzles, and screenprinting just to name a few. You can also expect food, drinks and swag.

swag bags

playing cards

ping pong table

What cities will you be visiting?

We switch up the cities but previously we’ve been to places like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Toronto, London, Paris, Hamburg, Delhi, Mumbai, São Paulo and more!

What if you’re not coming to my city?

Sorry that we may not meet this time around! However, please share your city in r/RedditCommunityEvents so that we can consider it for our next round.

Where can I find more information?

Join us in r/ModNews and r/RedditCommunityEvents for recaps of roadshows, new city announcements, and more!


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