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Upgrade Guide

From v2 to v3


  • Namespace changes, see below
  • Instead of a list of fields, TwitterStream->fields() now takes an array For the field tweet_fields.author_id: the previous version was ->fields('tweet.author_id'), the new version is `->fields(['tweet' => ['author_id'])
  • The callable in the listen() method is no longer bound to the stream.
    $stream->listen($connection, function (object $tweet, \Felix\TwitterStream\TwitterStream $stream) {
      // instead of
      $this->stopListening(); # does not work anymore  
  • The RuleManager returns a TwitterResponse, that implements the PSR ResponseInterface, not the PSR ResponseInterface directly
  • RWC\TwitterStream\Connection has been renamed to RWC\TwitterStream\TwitterConnection


We recommend that you simply Find and Replace in the order below to avoid any issues.

  • The top-level namespace has been changed from "RWC" to "Felix", update accordingly.
  • The filtered and volume stream are now under a common Streams directory
    • \RWC\TwitterStream\VolumeStream becomes \Felix\TwitterStream\Streams\VolumeStream
    • \RWC\TwitterStream\FilteredStream becomes \Felix\TwitterStream\Streams\FilteredStream
  • \RWC\TwitterStream\Connection becomes \Felix\TwitterStream\TwitterConnection


  • The "operator" classes (found in src/Rule/Operators) are now marked as internal.
  • \Felix\TwitterStream\Support\Str is now marked as internal.
  • \Felix\TwitterStream\Support\Flag is now marked as internal.

Bug Fixes

  • 429s errors are now handled correctly (instead of a meta error)
  • $stream->stream and $stream->response now return the stream and response
  • Reduced buffer size to the minimum drastically increase the "time to first tweet", from around 30 seconds to never for small streams to the first moment the tweet is posted.