Chunked media upload

Example of chunked video media/upload

Using the chunked POST media/upload endpoints requires an adjusted workflow from single image uploads. For video or chunked uploads, you must:

  • Initialize the upload using the INIT command
  • Upload each chunk of bytes using the APPEND command
  • Complete the upload using the FINALIZE command

See the large video upload sample for an example written in Python.

Below is a working example using the command-line twurl utility. To see full headers of the requests and responses when using twurl, use the -t option to enable trace mode.



      twurl -H "/1.1/media/upload.json" -d "command=INIT&media_type=video/mp4&total_bytes=4430752"
  "media_id": 601413451156586496,
  "media_id_string": "601413451156586496",
  "expires_after_secs": 3599


      twurl -H "/1.1/media/upload.json" -d "command=APPEND&media_id=601413451156586496&segment_index=0" --file /path/to/video.mp4 --file-field "media"

HTTP 2XX will be returned with an empty response body on successful upload.



      twurl -H "/1.1/media/upload.json" -d "command=FINALIZE&media_id=601413451156586496"
  "media_id": 601413451156586496,
  "media_id_string": "601413451156586496",
  "size": 4430752,
  "expires_after_secs": 3600,
  "video": {
    "video_type": "video/mp4"


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