POST direct_messages/indicate_typing

POST direct_messages/indicate_typing

Displays a visual typing indicator in the recipient’s Direct Message conversation view with the sender. Each request triggers a typing indicator animation with a duration of ~3 seconds.


A rudimentary approach would be to invoke an API request on every keypress or input event, however the application may quickly hit rate limits. A more sophisticated approach is to capture input events, but limit API requests to a specified interval based on the behavior of your users and the rate limit specified below.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response formats JSON
Content-Type application/json
Requires authentication? Yes (user context only)
Rate limited? Yes
Requests / 15-min window (user auth) 1000 / 15 minutes


recipient_id (required) The user ID of the user to receive the typing indicator.

Example request using Twurl

twurl -X POST /1.1/direct_messages/indicate_typing.json -d "recipient_id=3805104374"

HTTP Response Codes

Response contains no body.

Code Message
204 Typing indicator successfully sent.
400 Missing or invalid parameter(s) included in request.

Webhook Event

Coming Soon: If using the Account Activity API, the following JSON payload will be sent to your webhook for all subscribed users.

  "direct_message_indicate_typing_events": [
  "users": {
    // hydrated user objects