Standard v1.1

What's included in standard v1.1?

Our standard APIs are great for getting started, testing an integration, validating a concept, or creating solutions that complement what you can create with premium and enterprise products. Examples include posting content to Twitter and retrieving similar data to what is on and the Twitter mobile app.

For those of you looking for scalable access to Twitter data, we suggest that you check out the premium v1.1 offering, or apply to learn more about the enterprise APIs

Migrate to Twitter API v2

Interested in migrating your current integration to the new version of the Twitter API? Check out our migration hub for resources that will help you move to the Twitter API v2. You can also access migration guides for each endpoint listed in the new v2 endpoint sections.

Need help?

Visit our support section, where you can find troubleshooting tips, contact details, live API status monitor, and other helpful information that can help you understand how to overcome any obstacle.