Twitter API endpoint map

X API endpoint map

The following table maps the X API v2 endpoints to the corresponding standard v1.1, and enterprise endpoints. To learn more about each of these versions and tiers, please visit our X API getting started guide.

You'll notice that we still have several items marked as [Coming Soon]If you notice anything within this table that is marked as [Replacement Under Consideration] or [No Replacement Planned], and you would like to see us release a v2 version of that endpoint, please let us know via our community forum or your enterprise account manager

  Standard v1.1 Enterprise X API v2
Posts GET statuses/show
GET statuses/lookup
  Posts lookup
POST statuses/update
POST statuses/destroy/:id
  Manage Posts
GET statuses/user_timeline
GET statuses/mentions_timeline
GET statuses/home_timeline
- User Post timeline
- User mention timeline
- Reverse chronological home timeline
GET search/tweets (7 days) Search API
- 30 day
- Full-archive
Search Tweets
- Recent search
- 30 day [No Replacement Planned]
- Full-archive search
  Search API
- 30 day
- Full-archive
Tweet counts
- Recent Tweet counts
- 30 day [No Replacement Planned]
- Full-archive Tweet counts
GET statuses/filter PowerTrack API Filtered stream
- Connect to stream
- Add/delete rules
- Retrieve rules
GET statuses/sample (1%) Decahose API
Firehose API
Volume stream
- 1% sampled stream
- 10% decahose stream 
- 100% firehose stream
GET statuses/retweeters/:ids
GET statuses/retweets/:id
  Retweets lookup
    Quote Tweets lookup
POST statuses/retweet/:id
POST statuses/unretweet/:id
  Manage Retweets
- Retweet a Tweet
- Undo a Retweet
GET favorites/list   Likes lookup
- Posts liked by a user
- Users who have liked a Post [NEW to v2]
POST favorites/create
POST favorites/destroy
  Manage Likes
- Like a Post
- Unlike a Post
    Hide replies [NEW to v2]
GET statuses/oembed   [No Replacement Planned]
GET statuses/retweets_of_me   [No Replacement Planned]
Users GET users/show
GET users/lookup
  Users lookup
GET users/search   Get user/search
GET followers/ids
GET followers/list
GET friends/ids
GET friends/list
  Follows lookup
GET friendships/incoming
GET friendships/lookup
GET friendships/no_retweets/ids
GET friendships/outgoing
GET friendships/show
GET friendships/create
GET friendships/destroy
  Manage follows
- Follow a user
- Unfollow a user
POST friendships/update   [No Replacement Planned]
GET blocks/ids
GET blocks/list
  Blocks lookup
POST blocks/create
POST blocks/destroy
  Manage blocks
- Block a user
- Unblock a user
GET mutes/users/ids
GET mutes/users/list
  Mutes lookup
POST mutes/users/create
POST mutes/users/destroy
  Manage mutes
- Mute a user
- Unmute a user
GET account/verify_credentials   [No Changes Planned]
GET account/settings
GET users/profile_banner
POST account/settings
POST account/update_profile
POST account/update_profile_banner
POST account/remove_profile_banner
POST account/update_profile_image
  [No Replacement Planned]
GET saved_searches/show/:id
GET saved_searches/list
POST saved_searches/create
POST saved_searches/destroy/:id
  [No Replacement Planned]
POST users/report_spam   [No Replacement Planned]
  Account Activity API [Migrating in Q2 2024]
Spaces     Spaces lookup [NEW to v2]
    Spaces search [NEW to v2]
    Spaces reminders lookup [COMING SOON]
[NEW to v2]
    Manage Spaces reminders [COMING SOON]
[NEW to v2]
    Ticketed user lookup
[NEW to v2]
    Tweets shared in a Space lookup [NEW to v2]
Direct Messages     Direct Messages lookup
Manage Direct Messages
Lists GET lists/show   Lists lookup
POST lists/create
POST lists/destroy
POST lists/update
  Manage Lists
GET lists/statuses   Lists Tweets lookup
GET lists/members
GET lists/memberships
POST lists/members/create
POST lists/members/destroy
  List members
GET lists/subscribers
GET lists/subscriptions
GET lists/lists
POST lists/subscribers/create
POST lists/subscribers/destroy
  Lists follows
GET lists/ownerships   Owned Lists lookup
    Pinned Lists [NEW to v2]
GET lists/members/show
GET lists/subscribers/show
  [No Replacement Planned]
POST lists/members/create_all
POST lists/members/destroy_all
  [No Replacement Planned]
Media     [Coming Q1/Q2 2024]
Trends     Trends v2
Geo     [No Replacement Planned]
Collections GET collections/entries
GET collections/list
GET collections/show
POST collections/create
POST collections/destroy
POST collections/entries/add
POST collections/entries/curate
POST collections/entries/move
POST collections/entries/remove
POST collections/update
  [No Replacement Planned]
Metrics   Engagement API
- /totals
- /28hr
- /historical
/totals - data is built into v2 responses
/28hr - [Replacement Coming Soon]
/historical - [Replacement Coming Soon]
Compliance     Batch compliance
[NEW to v2]
  Compliance firehose Compliance streams
Utilities   Usage API Usage API
GET application/rate_limit_status   [No Replacement Planned]
GET help/languages   [No Replacement Planned]
Authentication     [No Changes Planned]
Streaming Likes   Streaming Likes [Q1 2024]