Decahose stream

This endpoint has been updated to include Post edit metadata. Learn more about these metadata on the "Edit Posts" fundamentals page

Decahose stream


This is an enterprise API available within our managed access levels only. To use this API, you must first set up an account with our enterprise sales team. Learn more

The Decahose delivers a 10% random sample of the realtime X Firehose through a streaming connection. This is accomplished via a realtime sampling algorithm which randomly selects the data, while still allowing for the expected low-latency delivery of data as it is sent through the firehose by X.

Below are some of the features available with Decahose:

  • Expanded and enhanced URLs: - fully unwinds shortened URLs and provides additional metadata (page title and description)
  • Stream partitioning - 2 partitions, each containing 50% of volume of the Decahose stream
  • Enhanced reliability - geographic diversity of backend systems

Note: This data is delivered in bulk, and does not support additional filtering (e.g. for keywords).