Advertiser Business Categories

Advertiser Business Categories

GET advertiser_business_categories

Request the valid advertiser business categories for Ad Groups (line_items) to describe an advertiser's brand to publishers.

Note: These categories apply only to line_items with the PREROLL_VIEWS objective and are separate from the content_categories used for targeting criteria.

Each advertiser_business_categories represents a collection of IAB Categories. When creating an Ad Group with the PREROLL_VIEWS objective, one or two advertiser_business_categories must be set for the Ad Group. This can be done by setting the value of the categories request parameter on the line item endpoint to the set of corresponding iab_categories available through this endpoint.

Additional details can be found in the Video Views Preroll Objective Guide

Resource URL


No request parameters

Example Request


Example Response

  "request": {
    "params": {}
  "next_cursor": null,
  "data": [
      "id": "1jl",
      "name": "Consumer Packaged Goods",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jm",
      "name": "Health & Pharma",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jn",
      "name": "Alcohol",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jo",
      "name": "Dining",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jp",
      "name": "Financial Services",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jq",
      "name": "Retail",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jr",
      "name": "Travel",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1js",
      "name": "Gaming",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jt",
      "name": "Technology",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1ju",
      "name": "Telecommunication",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jv",
      "name": "Auto",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jw",
      "name": "Media & Entertainment",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jx",
      "name": "Politics",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jy",
      "name": "Gambling",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1jz",
      "name": "Dating",
      "iab_categories": [
      "id": "1k0",
      "name": "Non-Profit",
      "iab_categories": [