Introducing the premium full-archive search endpoint

Thursday, 1 February 2018

On the heels of our premium Search Tweets API announcement, we are further extending historical access to Tweets with a new, premium full-archive search endpoint.

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The ability to access Tweets from as early as 2006 significantly increases the types of answers and insights at your disposal. Find valuable insights, including:

  • What has the world been saying about my brand over the last decade?
  • How has the conversation during major award shows shifted over the years?
  • How do people respond to major technology product launches year over year?

Starting today, the full-archive search endpoint is available in beta. This new endpoint on the premium Search Tweets API provides access to every public Tweet currently on Twitter, all the way back to @jack’s first Tweet in 2006. This marks the first time that this data is available outside of the annual contracts and pricing commitments of Twitter enterprise APIs.

Like the premium 30-day search endpoint, we want to give you greater access to Twitter history, and we want to make it easy to innovate and to grow your solution. Beyond the increased time frame, the new full-archive endpoint behaves exactly like the premium 30-day endpoint and includes functionality beyond what’s available in our standard search/Tweets endpoint, including:

  • more Tweets per request
  • higher rate limits
  • a counts endpoint that returns time-series counts of Tweets
  • more complex queries
  • metadata enrichments , such as expanded URLs and improved profile geo information

Quickly get started with the free full-archive search sandbox, where you can experiment and test things out with up to 50 requests/month. Then as you grow, upgrade to the packages that make sense for you.

In addition to this historical access, you’ll also get access to our premium developer account dashboard where you can monitor your usage, manage your billing, and invite teammates to collaborate.

Getting started with the premium Search Tweets API

Our premium Search Tweets API, including the new full-archive endpoint, is available in public beta. To get started, complete the application for access.

Those of you already approved for premium APIs are automatically set up with the free sandbox. Simply visit “Subscriptions” in your developer account to manage this new endpoint.

Want to understand how it works before diving in? Check out the documentation. We’re looking forward to seeing what you build with this new access!

This post is unavailable
This post is unavailable.